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Tri Changing Gear CC 16ml Hilly TT 2007. Jonathan Copp Prevails


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The result of the Tri Changing Gear CC 16ml Hilly TT. An excellent ride by Jonathan Copp to take this race, with Carlos a little unfortunate having punctured just before the start and ending up riding on someone’s borrowed “winter bike” rear wheel.

– Reported by Bob Gibson –

Jonathan Copp
1st place for Copp.


1 Jonathan Copp DTCC 35:55
2 Carlos Riise SWCC 36:18
3 Alister Watt  GCRT  38:24
4 Paul Black  ERC  38:36 1st Handicap
5 Sean Monaghan  DTCC  38:49
6 Alan Milne  DW  38:50
7 Kevin Clarke  DTCC 39:40
8 Colin Duncan  TCG  39:44
9 Andrew Grant  SWCC  39:57
10 Steve Argo  YCC  39:59
11 Gregor McIntosh  DTCC  40:26
12 Alastair Scott-Kiddie DTCC  43:25
13 Ian Adams  YCC  43:29
14 Steve Barratt  TCG  43:44
15 Grant Macintosh  DW 43:53
16 Iain Watson AWCC  44:01
17 Bill Mackie  TCG  44:28
18 Ian Brodie  DTCC 44:29
19 Mark Munro  DTCC  44:40
20 Andy Duncan  YCC 44:45
21 Derek Stewart DTCC 44:54 1st Vet on Standard
22 David McIntosh YCC  45:23
23 Ross Clark  DTCC 45:32
24 Peter Clark DTCC  46:01
25 Donna Grey TCG 46:45 1st Lady
26 Bill Byth DTCC  49:09
27 Paul Winter  YCC  50:37

Course Details
Start at lay-by on A944 Aberdeen/Alford road beside the Gask/Kirkton of Skene crossroads. Proceed West through Dunecht to turn sharp left at the Lyne of Linton junction (5miles), continue through Midmar to turn left onto the B9119 Echt/Tarland road (9miles). Head East through Echt to Garlogie, finishing at the long lay-by after 16 miles.

Race Headquarters and Signing On
Garlogie Hall, found at the Western end of Garlogie just before the B9125 junction.

Aberdeen District CA 2006 Prize Presentation

The race was followed by the presentation of the Aberdeen District Cycling Association trophies for 2006. An excellent “bun fight” was provided by Isobel and the gang from Tri Changing Gear, who were largely responsible for the resurrection of a formal (more friendly and semi-formal really) annual presentation of awards.

It is hoped that this will set the trend for future years and may even help to stimulate fresh interest in some of the District competitions. Two significant non-competitive awards were presented.

Ron Brown Trophy: (Presented to someone who has done the most in the season to further the interest in cycling in the area).
Doug Haigh (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife) has restimulated the interest in long distance riding, and by doing so has got “more bums on saddles”. Deeside could have the largest representation of any club in this year’s Mersey “24”. There’s no truth in the rumour that Doug wants the “12” relegated to the Mid-distance BAR.

Long Service Award: Isobel Smith (GS Corsa). One shouldn’t divulge a lady’s “long service” but Isobel is well known to a few generations of bikies from all over Scotland. Timekeeping, recording, judging, organising events, making tea and buns and a number of other essential activities that help to keep sport going.

She is currently, and has been for many years, General Secretary for the Aberdeen District, and has organised the SCU annual Vets Road Race Championship since its inception.

It has been rumoured that Davy Gibson only ever came up to Aberdeen for Isobel’s bun-fight. Mind you he did break the”100″ record on one of those sorties.