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Saunier Duval Team Launch 2007 – Postscript


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Everything is good?” I say to the bonnie Spanish lass who checks the Yaris back into the hire-bay after the Saunier Duval Team Launch 2007; “Yes, have a good trip,” she smiles. “Thank you“, I reply, patting the trusty can of cutting-compound in my bag as I skip towards the terminal. She wouldn’t have said that if she’d seen it after the boy skelped it with the Jeep on Tuesday.

I had a notion to drive to the airport at Malaga via Ronda and it’s famous gorge, so I set the BlackBerry alarm for 06.30. At the appointed hour, I hit the button thinking: “I’ll have five.

It was 07.50 when I woke up… scratch Ronda and opt for a nice easy run to the airport.

Saunier Duval Team Launch 2007
The SRAM guys.

I took time to find Mauro Gianetti to thank him for having me and to wish him luck for the season. The guys were on another six hour job today, the same as yesterday.

I met Koldo Gil in the lift last night and pointed to his thighs; “Sore?” I said. “Si, and here and here…” he said pointing to his shoulders and back.

The pro life seems a glamorous one, but most of their Saturday will be spent in the mountains of Andalucia; there’ll be no movies or dining-out with sweet hearts for them tonight – just more “war stories” in the hotel lobby.

But hey! Wouldn’t it have been good to try it?

Next job is to give the wellies a clean; cuz VeloVeritas are at Hooglede next weekend for the World Cyclo-Cross Champs. My euros will be on Bart Wellens… Talk to you soon.