Thursday, May 30, 2024

VeloVeritas Kit

We’ve partnered with top UK clothing manufacturer Nopinz to produce our fantastic VeloVeritas kit. We designed the clothing and the good folks at Nopinz made the designs real!

Have a look at the production process at the Nopinz factory in Devon and what happens when you set up your club’s custom kit shop with them, and folk buy their jerseys, shorts and skinsuits.

Here’s why we chose to collaborate with Nopinz and why their kit options are unique:

  • No minimum orders! You can buy one jersey or one pair of shorts, one pair of leg warmers or one hat – or more! Spend as much or as little as you want.
  • Industry short lead times. At the moment the aim is to get your kit sent out to you within 40 working days of placing your order.
  • A simple online ordering process – have a look at the different ranges (below), ensure you know your sizing accurately, pick the item you want and add it to the cart. Don’t forget to use the discount code to get 10% off!
  • Delivered straight to you. No need to wait for others to complete an order; once your kit is ready Nopinz will email you to let you know it’s on the way, from the factory in North Devon directly to your door.
  • You can reorder at any time with no restrictions or order windows.
  • You have access to all the Nopinz products available today, and all in our fabulous, highly visible VeloVeritas colours; relaxed fit and training kit, figure-hugging racing two piece sets and skinsuits, as well as casual clothing and accessories.
  • Custom-Fit options are available. Having your skinsuit made-to-measure will give you a no-compromise fit, further enhancing both comfort and performance. The Nopinz made-to-measure service is available with our VeloVeritas skinsuits and tri-suits, you simply fill in and submit the form with your measurements (or you can of course present yourself at the Nopinz factory in Barnstaple, UK for full, World Tour-level 3D body scanning!) and, using these measurements Nopinz will customise the fit of the garment specifically and exactly for you!
  • If you have a spill and damage your kit within a year of purchasing it Nopinz will provide a crash replacement discount of 40%.
  • The team at Nopinz are really great to work with, they’re a friendly bunch, they’re super-proactive and very quick in handling queries and returning calls and emails.



We have two versions of our gorgeous VeloVeritas Nopinz kit available

– a light design which provides great visibility and is the one to use in sunny, hot weather
– and a dark version which is probably best suited to your off-road, mountainbike, ‘cross or gravel adventures.

**  Use the Discount Code Velo10 at the checkout in either shop to get 10% off your order! (pre-VAT)  **

The Kit Ranges



The Endurance range has a more 'classic' fit for the club rider who is happy to sacrifice a little bit of performance for comfort and longevity. Featuring a more relaxed fit than the Pro-1 range across the jersey, Roubaix jersey and gilet to cater for the non-racers within the club.

The lower half items (bib tights and shorts) have the same fit as the Pro 1 range but feature improved longevity with solid fabric on the front and rear crotch areas to prevent wear.

The Endurance range includes short and long sleeved jerseys, bib-shorts and bib-tights, and leg warmers.

Made entirely from Italian high wicking, breathable and four-way stretch fabric, you can expect luxurious comfort for miles and miles.

The ideal jersey for training then chilling at the café afterwards.



Fast not fashion! The Pro-1 range has been developed with one aim; affordable performance.

The range consists of everything you need to go fast both in racing and in training, it's perfectly suited for serious racers looking to maximise their performance and getting from A to B with minimum effort and in maximum comfort thanks to the ‘Pista’ fabric on the arms making it super-slippy and the massively breathable ‘Chrono’ fabric on the torso that keeps things dry and cool.

The Pro-1 range includes items such as road skinsuits, all season (cross) skinsuits, speed suits, bib shorts and long and short sleeved jerseys, and feature an aggressive race cut which is designed to fit you when in position on the bike (not when in the café queue!)

It's very tight and some might think it's 'too small' but it's what many World Tour riders are using right now and it's what you can use too!


RACE FIT skinsuits

The Flow range is a complete range of kit designed to make you as fast as possible against the clock, and features the Nopinz flagship skinsuit, proven to be the fastest on the market.

Nopinz worked with Aerocoach to make sure that no opportunity to reduce drag has been missed. The design and construction is incredibly complex and features the Nopinz signature Speedscalez™ fabric on the shorts, arms and torso for extra slipperiness, plus trip seams in just the right places.

You can also choose the Speedpocket™ configuration that you need (RTTC Aero, RTTC Easy, UCI Single, UCI Double, Track X2, or none).

If you want the fastest kit available, here it is, and in gorgeous VeloVeritas colour ways too; light and bright or dark and sort-of mud-proof!


Indoor or very hot conditions specific

We think that the Sub-Zero range is the world’s best indoor-specific kit, designed for riders who take their e-racing and training seriously.

The Sub-Zero race suit has been specifically designed for e-racing where live streaming requires a top to be worn. FreezePockets are located in the upper-mid and lower back area to actively reduce core temperature, allowing you to perform at your best for longer.