Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Ribble creates world’s first AI-powered Bike Builder


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Ribble Cycles’s AI system (RibbleGPT) is designed to create the perfect bike to suit a rider’s needs. It will guide you through the entire process of designing, building and ultimately enjoying your personalised bike.

The “RibbleGPT” will offer you advice and recommendations based on your preferences, customise componentry choices, and provide feedback on your final bike design.

With Ribble’s AI, you can be sure of a unique, one-of-a-kind bike.

States Ribble’s Chief Digital Officer, Matthew Lawson said;

“RibbleGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations.

“We have developed a language model that can take a conversation right through to a bespoke bike that’s perfect for your needs using our AI Powered BikeBuilder.” 

The concept is based on a simple 3-step process:

Step One – have a chat

Give RibbleGPT the chance to know you.

After a few minutes of free-flowing conversation, RibbleGPT will start to learn what you want and don’t want from your next bike.

It then collates all of this information to generate a unique bike configuration and design that’s perfectly matched to your cycling needs.

Step Two – 3D printed any shape manufacturing process

RibbleGPT might recommend a bike design unlike any other.

It wants everything to be perfect so RibbleGPT will connect directly to the innovative 3D printing capability to bring your wildest ideas to life.

3D printing technology is making it possible to create high-quality parts from titanium and carbon fibre.

This allows for complex designs and intricate parts that are impossible to replicate using more traditional manufacturing techniques such as machining.

It allows the most versatile materials to be molded into almost any shape, making it a great choice for those looking to create a lightweight, highly durable and performant bike.

Step Three – the Custom paint process

Ribble doesn’t leave it all to a machine; each bike will still be hand-finished by the expert craftsmen in the British-based paint facility.

Once your dream build is compiled by RibbleGPT, it sends Ribble’s master painters a detailed brief to ensure each custom bike is unique and crafted to meet exact preferences.

From classic to contemporary designs, a custom painted bike is a great way to add personal expression to your ride, all based on one single chat conversation.

More information about RibbleGPT can be found here.