Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The VeloVeritas Years

The VeloVeritas Years – 2022: Friends Lost

Each year we publish memories and tributes to those involved in cycling that have passed, out of respect and to try and honour their memory. Usually, of course, the majority of the obituaries remember ex-riders who have enjoyed 'a good innings' but this year we seem to have run more of these than normal. There have also been complete shocks, tragic events which hit everyone in the sport hard such as the terrible hit and run which killed Davide Rebellin, and we have lost personal friends to these horrible, unforeseen tragedies too; Steve Beech, Rab Wardell and Richard Moore. We miss them a great deal and to mark their passing we've chosen Richard's article as our pick for 2022.

The VeloVeritas Years – 2021: Young Scots with Big Futures

When we look through our articles for the year we're struck by how many of our interviews featured young Scottish riders, going through the National teams or 'just doing it' as we put it - making their own way with development squads around Europe and the world. We've featured riders such as Matti Dobbins, Stuart Balfour, Hamish Strachan, Sean Flynn, Matthias Barnet, Callum Thornley, Calum Johnston, Finn Crockett, Cameron Mason and Oscar Onley on our pages, and Oscar's interview encapsulates the potential, the drive and ambition these youngsters exhibit and therefore is our pick for 2021 for ‘The VeloVeritas Years’ collection.

The VeloVeritas Years – 2020: Locked-Down on Etna

We didn't get to very many races in 2020 due of course to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the clear memory of this year is of everyone simply trying to do their best to get through this awful situation. Even when riders were locked-down they were finding ingenious ways and methods to keep fit and maintain that hard-won condition, but with constant uncertainty around dates for a return to competition, it was a difficult balancing act.

The VeloVeritas Years – 2019: The Elite Road World Championships

We didn't realise when we made our way to the Civic Hall in Leeds for the sign-on of the 2019 Elite World Road Championships just what an epic day we were in for; emergency purchasing of umbrellas in the local outdoor centre didn't quite cut it as the deluge lasted almost the entire race.

The VeloVeritas Years – 2018: John Archibald’s National ’10’ Championships

A National Champs in Scotland? We weren't going to miss that! Together with the strong possibility that one of our 'own', Ribble's John Archibald could take the win in the RTTC '10' Championships on roads we know so well meant that we were up and out early to be able to catch the early starts as well as the 'bigs'. This day exemplifies what VeloVeritas is all about - standing at the roadside with cameras and stopwatches, discussing form and equipment, weather and traffic volumes, capturing the effort and bringing the day to our readers, and is our pick for 2018.

The VeloVeritas Years – 2017: Bastille Day at Le Tour!

We've been covering the Tour de France for many years, and like most people who love cycle racing, it's one of the highlights of the year. Bastille Day at Le Tour is special, and the pressure on the French riders to perform is intense - we were lucky to be on the race when Warren Barguil took a fantastic win ahead of Nairo Quintana and Bert Contador. Fantastic weather, great racing, a change to catch up with old pals Adam Hansen and Jack Bauer, meant July 14th was a memorable day for both of us and is our pick for a highlight for 2017.