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Musselburgh RC 3-Up Time Trial 2007


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The Sandy Wallace Cycles team of Alan Dow, Ian Black and Joe Wilson put half a minute into the boys from Aberdeen in the shape of the Granite City RT to take the honours in the Musselburgh RC 3-Up Time Trial.

The Bicycle Works RT team of D. Creaser, J. Ferry, D. Sharkey were almost three minutes further back for third place, with Lomond Roads trio of G. Dick, J. Walker, and M. Ratter 50 seconds behind them.

The Auchencrow Thistle squad (N. Milton, D. Smith, and D. Nisbet) pipped the Musselburgh RCC team of C. Adamson, A. Matheson and C. Ritchie to fifth place by just two seconds.

Musselburgh RC
Ian Black.

Musselburgh RC 3-Up Time Trial Result

1 1.07.24 Sandy Wallace Cycles [A Dow, I Black, J Wilson]
2 1.07.59 Granite City RT [A Watt, N Skene, S Mcintosh]
3 1.10.42 The Bicycle Works RT [D Creaser, J Ferry, D Sharkey]
4 1.11.32 Lomond Roads CC [G Dick, J Walker, M Ratter]
5 1.13.30 Auchencrow Thistle [N Milton, D Smith, D Nisbet]
6 1.13.32 Musselburgh RCC [C Adamson, A Matheson, C Ritchie]
7 1.14.44 Fullerton Wheelers [D Wards, S Findall, N Campbell]
8 1.15.23 Edinburgh RC [R Garrett, D Hines, S Mcdairmid]
9 1.16.26 Glasgow United [A Quinn, J Mccrory, R Macpherson]
10 1.16.58 The Bicycle Works RT [M Millington, G Beagle, S Muir]
11 1.16.59 Musselburgh RCC [A Rowat, D Ball, D Timmins]
12 1.17.45 City Of Edinburgh RC [D Smith, N Hall, K Mcmahon]
13 1.19.40 Glasgow Couriers [L Donohoe, G Barnes, M Bilsborough]
14 1.19.48 Edinburgh RC [B Wilkie, M Darling, T Ward]
15 1.20.43 Edinburgh Uni CC [A Farrow, T Dyson, P Sammon]
16 1.20.58 Lomond Roads CC [A Ross, I Mckay, D Smith]
17 1.22.33 Auchencrow Thistle [D Gale, N Tait, S Sebastion]
18 1.24.23 Edinburgh RC [J Young, M Saachi, C Morrison]
19 1.26.57 Lomond Roads CC [R Mcgregor, R Birchmore, J Byrne]
20 1.28.16 Edinburgh RC [J Stevenson, P Rother, B Saddler]
21 1.30.42 Pedal Power RT [B Lumsden, J Forsyth, N Grant]
22 1.32.29 Edinburgh RC [J Urquhart, J Hathway, D Watson]