Monday, June 17, 2024

GS Corsa Spring Bunny 25 mile Time Trial


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GS Corsa
Joe with another time trial in the bag.

The GS Corsa Spring Bunny 25 race start was delayed as there had been an accident on the course, however once underway it ran smoothly. The course was the AB25/4 – Garlogie Torphins.

Alas, the recent lovely weather came to an end today, and instead the 32 competitors were faced with a wet, breezy and cold afternoon.

The rain started just after the last man was off, and continued throughout the race, which inspite of the conditions saw several excellent performances. At least it cleared up a little for the presentation.

One highlight of the race was Christine Mclean (Shetland Wheelers), who did a stormer, beating her personal best by over 6 minutes! Christine ended up fastest lady, 1st handicap and 14th overall.

As she said, the conditions were just like home – “Dreich!”.

To quote Carlos Riise (a master of understatement), “Not a nice day for it.”

GS Corsa Spring Bunny Result

1 56.29 Joe Wilson (Sandy Wallace) Cycles
2 56.52 R Wilson (Sandy Wallace Cycles) – 2nd H/cap
3 56.53 Carlos Riise (Shetland Wheelers)
4 58.46 Norman Skene (Granite City RT)
5 1.00.10 Alan Dow (Sandy Wallace Cycle)
6 1.01.08 Sean Monaghan (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
7 1.01.50 M Higgins (Granite City RT)
8 1.01.53 S Argo (Ythan CC)
9 1.02.31 K Lackie (Forres CC)
10 1.02.35 J Blunsdon (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
11 1.02.47 A Reardon (Tri Changing Gear)
12 1.03.42 N Anderson (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
13 1.04.00 S Wallace (Sandy Wallace Cycles)
14 1.05.12 Chris McLean (Shetland Wheelers) – 1st Lady,1st Hcap 46.10
15 1.06.35 D Stewart (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife) – 1st Vet on Std +15.55
16 1.06.36 R Dobson (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
17 1.07.09 D Warwick (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
18 1.07.27 A Duncan (Ythan CC)
19 1.07.30 A Scott-Kiddie (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
20 1.08.14 J Miller (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
21 1.08.52 S Walton (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
22 1.09.02 I Sinclair (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
23 1.09.21 D Anderson (Jr) (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
24 1.11.37 R Clark (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
25 1.11.43 D McIntosh (Ythan CC)
26 1.13.29 Lindsey Goldbeck (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
27 1.13.37 Carol Middleton (Ythan CC)
28 1.15.32 M Pithie (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife)
29 1.15.54 T Cummings (Kirkcaldy & Dist)
30 1.19.17 Carol Runcie (Ythan CC)
31 1.27.08 Yvonne Davidson (Ythan CC)
32 1.27.36 D Kirton (Kennoway RC)

P Clark (Deeside Thistle/Bikelife) DNF
B McCabe (Aberdeen Wheelers) DNF
I Sinclair Deeside (Thistle/Bikelife) DNF