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Scottish 25 Mile Time Trial Championship 2015 – Peter Murdoch Takes Gold


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On a windswept day for the strong of leg and heart on the Ayrshire coast it was last year’s silver medallist, ‘fresh’ from that toughest of races, the RAS, Peter Murdoch (Neon-Velo Cycling Team) who’s 52:13 was 22 seconds too quick for deposed reigning champion, Iain Grant (Fullarton Wheelers) and 49 seconds faster than bronze medallist and another former ’25’ champion, Arthur Doyle (Dooleys).

Peter Murdoch
Peter Murdoch, the new Scottish 25 Mile TT Champion. Photo©Martin Williamson

VeloVeritas was there from the first youth to Iain Grant as last man…

The A78 Sunday morning; 08:45, it’s grey, cool and breezy as we wait on the youths at the wee bit complicated ‘bottom’ turn.

It’s the classic ‘fit man’s morning’ on the dual carriageways of the Ayrshire coast.

Peter Murdoch
Our first spot is a slip off, loop round and back over affair. Photo©Martin Williamson

A difficult course to find ‘scenic’ shots on, but that’s the nature of the ‘drag strip’ course so beloved of time triallists – dual carriageway, wide, exposed, rolling gently and fast.

Peter Murdoch
Thomas Deas. Photo©Martin Williamson

Here’s our first rider, Thomas Deas, (Highland Bikes Racing Team), he get’s round the unmarshalled turn with no fuss and is gone with the tail wind.

Gavin Laffoley (Fife Century) was off #1 but comes through third – we’d learn later from his mum that he’d missed his start.

We’ve all done it !

Peter Murdoch
Gavin Laffoley. Photo©Martin Williamson

The ladies – many of whom come into the left hander over-geared and don’t bother to look right – have a cold wind to contend with.

In between pictures our hands are in out pooches – chilly!

Emily Middleton (Deeside) is one of the early starters and gets on the podium with 1:02’10”.

Peter Murdoch
Emily Middleton. Photo©Martin Williamson
Peter Murdoch
Toni McIntosh. Photo©Martin Williamson

Number 34, Toni McIntosh (Ayr Roads) gets it right though with second place in 1:01’27” and does look for traffic at our junction – she’s not a girl for the high cadences though; rolling a ‘big one’ back to meet the dual carriageway.

Peter Murdoch
Lynsey Curran. Photo©Martin Williamson

Last girl #35 Lynsey Curran (Dooleys) looks good, fast round the bend and immediately back into her stride, not ‘bogged down’ on the gear as many of the girls have been, she wound up the Ladies’ Champion with 59’38”.

Peter Murdoch
Janet Erskine. Photo©Martin Williamson
Peter Murdoch
Lynne Wardrop. Photo©Martin Williamson

The men – Gordon McNeil (Dumfries CC) ‘warms the tar’ on what is now a Baltic morning.

Peter Murdoch
Gordon McNeil. Photo©Martin Williamson

Jocky Johnstone (Icarus), Albert McLennan (Glasgow Couriers) – ‘oldies but goodies’ both.

Time for a move, we’re frozen.

Peter Murdoch
Jocky Johnstone. Photo©Martin Williamson
Peter Murdoch
Albert McLellan. Photo©Martin Williamson

Back up the ’78 to the top turn – you can see your two minute man on these wide tarmac prairies.

The wind is sore but it’s dry and the sun is out.

Round the turn, park up, another photo op for Jocky and Albert.

Peter Murdoch
Jocky Johnstone. Photo©Ed Hood

It’ll be fast here, big tail wind to blow them down to the last dog leg.

At the top end of the course it doesn’t seem as cold; the traffic count is rising – not to English TT course levels but busy enough.

No one’s white-lining that we observe, all keeping well tucked into the kerb for now.

Peter Murdoch
Davie Miller. Photo©Martin Williamson

We’ve decided to keep on the move the is morning – at least ’til the late starters go – to mix up the photo composition and find new vantage points; we don’t have a stopwatch on anyone yet so it’s hard to say who’s ‘on it’ but #65 Andrew Underwood (Glasgow Wheelers) looks tidy to us.

Peter Murdoch
Andrew Underwood. Photo©Martin Williamson

And #70 Graeme Cockburn’s (Nightingale) disc is making the right noises (for an eventual 54:55) – he was top six in the ’10’ champs and is smooth over the tar as the sun decides to warm us for five minutes.

Peter Murdoch
Graeme Cockburn. Photo©Martin Williamson

Peter Ettles (Sandy Wallace) is off 80 and on top of the job, as usual.

Peter Ettles. Photo©Martin Williamson

John McCrory #87 (Glasgow United) impresses with his tidy style on that lovely Giant Trinity.

Peter Murdoch
John McCrory. Photo©Martin Williamson

Next seed up is Dooley’s Sean Gray, he passes north-bound but not south-bound – puncture? mechanical? alien abduction?

Peter Murdoch
Allan Mill. Photo©Martin Williamson

Alan Mill (Sandy Wallace) is the next ‘ten marker’ and is getting it round nicely with the ‘taily’ which is rising and falling in strength as the morning goes on.

Time to move on to the last dog-leg and the headwind finish.

Very sore.

Iain Binning. Photo©Martin Williamson

They’re flying out to the last turn on the other side of the dual carriageway but it’s bitter battle back into a stonewall headwind.

We can get the tailgate up here, a seat and shelter from the wind – this is a better deal !

Alan Mill passes us again; he’s getting the job done, boring a hole in the wind – he’s caught and dropped his seven minute man.

Peter Murdoch
The traffic builds. Photo©Martin Williamson

The traffic count is high, here – artics churn up the air and there’s a steady stream of cars.

Peter Murdoch
Tony Scott. Photo©Martin Williamson

Tony Scott (Loudon) off #109 looks good to us but there are big gaps in the field – and where are all the roadside spectators?

Tam Gordon. Photo©Martin Williamson

Tom Gordon (Fullarton) is looking mean into that cool headwind; if we step out of the shelter of the van, it’s chilly.

Peter Murdoch
Gavin Shirley. Photo©Martin Williamson

Gavin Shirley (Dooleys) looked strong on the way out with the tailwind and is holding it well on the way back – but we don’t put Mark Skilling (Icarus) too far away from him.

Mark Skilling. Photo©Martin Williamson
Peter Murdoch
Jim Cusick. Photo©Martin Williamson

The ‘Bigs’ start to pass outbound – Jim Cusick (Dooleys) but no Gary Robson.

Alan Thomson (Sandy Wallace Cycles), Stephen Williamson (a3crg) – a new name for us…