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KAPZ custom headset caps


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KAPZ Custom Headset caps
Our KAPZ design.

Last Sunday evening I settled down to edit the photos from the morning’s Tour des Trossachs time trial, turned on the telly to watch the Tour of Lombardy highlights, and started flicking through the latest Cycling Weekly. Who says blokes can’t multitask? I spotted the advert for KAPZ custom headset caps in the magazine, and out of curiosity switched from Adobe Lightroom to Chrome browser to have a look at their website.

British made and standard size 1-1/8in, blank as well as traditionally engraved and lazer-etched caps (and spacers) are all possible, but the Full-Colour anodised cap sounded like just the thing for us, so I pinged off an order for one (£24.95) and chased it up with an email with the VeloVeritas logo image attached, to inspire some ideas.

I stated on the order that I was happy to leave the design up to the KAPZ guys, but I could have supplied them a simple sketch or a detailed design – anything is possible it seems; as well as custom designs also available are a range of plain coloured caps and spacers, and a Designer Range with options such as motivating slogans and images, flags, and Brad’s mod roundel (which the man himself had on his bike at the Giro this year).

KAPZ headset caps
Bradley’s Roundel.

Before the riders on the TV had even reached the Madonna del Ghisallo climb – in other words less than half an hour after sending my order in – my ‘phone rang (it was Sunday evening, remember).

Khush Jabble from KAPZ was calling to chat about my order, and what I wanted in my design.

We agreed on a simple design, and shortly after our discussion I received an email containing an image of the first draft (see above).

This first draft was in fact the final version, I didn’t see the need for any changes as it was exactly what we had agreed, and so Khush let me know if would be manufactured soon.

KAPZ custom headset caps
A few days after placing the order the one-off custom cap is fitted and looking good!

A few days later and the cap arrived, together with a retaining bolt and several complimentary, matching spacers.

Quite some service, and we’re so happy with this item here at VeloVeritas that we’re going to be kitting out all our bikes with them.

Check out the KAPZ website and let your imagination run wild.