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Hamish Haynes – Letters from Belgium #2


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Hi folks, Hamish Haynes here. I’m very happy with the progress I have been making here, I’m confident of now delivering the required results. I’ve been having a lot of fun racing and training getting some really good sessions done, with a very positive feeling on the bike. It’s not all gone my way though…

– Letter from Hamish Haynes –

Hamish Haynes
Hamish Haynes is doing well in the heartland.

I have problems this year with being very sensitive to the cold – it’s crazy, a little bit of rain on a chilly day and I lose all power, which spoilt my race in Hoboken recently. I had to really fight, shivering like mad to stay in the race. Luckily it dried up and I warmed up in the last hour of the race.

Afterwards I got some more K’s in, to make 235k for the day.

Funny thing was the next day was sunny and I felt like “10 men” again, and even better the day after I was 4th and 2nd respectively and took a sprint competition to win a nice Festina watch for my dad. It goes without saying there were a whole heap of kilometers besides.

Hamish Haynes
Hamish Haynes enjoying the Belgian sunshine.

I’ve also been doing some hill training this week on the German/Belgian border, making a reconissance of the Tryptique Ardennaise parcours (16-18 May).

Before that however I have the Liedekerke interclub (12.5) and Puivelde Pro Kermis (14.5), so hope to have good news from all these races – I’ll let you know!

Cheers, Hamish.

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