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Giro d’Italia 2013 – Stage 17: Caravaggio – Vicenza 214km. Visconti’s Second!


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In the ‘small world’ file, there we are near the top of the final climb in the stage to Caravaggio – which would be Cav’s undoing – when this lady hear our Scottish accents and asks us if we know La Favorita Pizzeria in Edinburgh?


Are they no’ just about to open a branch in Portobello, just round the corner from me? It transpires that it’s her brother, Davide’s business.

Our “small world” file is getting bigger all the time!

Cue smiles all round and photo op with Sarah and hubby in ‘see you Jimmy’ wig.

Chums Jered, Ashley and oor Dave.

It was a good job we had Jered Gruber’s lovely wife Ashley there to translate for us.

Jered is here shooting for the Giro organisation, Castelli and Cervelo – nice work if you can get it…

The Colnago factory buzzer; Ciao! VeloVeritas!

We passed Colnago’s factory this morning – even the entry phone is cool.

The weather was glorious for the roll out – the first rider we saw was Visconti, a portent if ever there was one.

We’re not sure about the new haircut, though . . .

And there’s Jim Ochowicz, now with BMC; with the way Evans is riding he can’t be too unhappy – but black socks.

Och, “smart but casual”.
Carlos Betancur may be top ten and best young rider, but he still had time to chat and sign autographs for the disabled folks at the start.
And there’s big Steve Cummings, looking, ‘well ‘ard’ !

Maybe Pippo’s best days are behind him but he could still have his pick of most discos.

Pozzato still looks cool as a cucumber.

Pirazzi suits the blue of Montagna leader and looked serene at the roll out with only one fourth cat GPM on offer, it wasn’t a stressful day for him.

Pirazzi is doing all he can to secure the Mountains Classification.
Adam Hansen’s stage win was a cracker – but what’s he doing wearing his baffies to the start ?

Big Vini Fantini DS, Luca Scinto grabs a hand shake with Scarponi.

Old Michele has more than his share of ‘previous’ but I can’t help but respect his grinta and refusal to whinge, no matter what the stage has thrown at him.

Let’s hope he’s cleared out the address book on his phone.

Scarponi and his boss Scinto.

Six Day man and ex-Netherlands Elite Road Champion, Pim Ligthart doesn’t really look like he’s enjoying this Giro – especially with three days in the Dolomites to come.

As the roll-out approached and the clans began to gather, there were still riders coughing – it’s been one tough Giro on the immune system.

It still sounds like plenty of riders are carrying bugs.

The first few hours of the percorso had the Nikon sitting firmly on the car floor – long, long straights, featureless landscapes, industrial estates, town after town looking just like the last one.

But as we approached the climb, it all began to look like it should.

Countryside like we expected.

The wee bar at the top of the climb ran out of beer – but the owner ran a mercy run to the cash and carry so as normal service could be resumed.

Ah! The man is back with the beer!

The team helpers were up there, but no beer for them – just a long wait and a big row, if a rider misses his bottle.

Team helpers await their guys, to hand up bottles for the last 17km.

Visconti surprised us; we’d expected Rubiano to be first over – he was the best climber from the break of the day.

They still had a minute coming on to the climb but when the Hounds of Hell go on the rampage, a minute is nothing.

Wee Visconti was first over the top and racing for his second stage win.
Nizzolo was well placed at the top of the climb but finished in the middle of the bunch.
Marco Canola.

It was a big group on Visconti’s trail, with the likes of Nizzolo, Canola and Golas all in there as well as the ‘Bigs.’

Michal Golas.

Dowsett and Pirazzi were both well back; not wanting to go ‘rosso‘ the day prior to the chronoscalata.

Alex Dowsett perhaps saving himself for the TT tomorrow?
Pirazzi cruises past, more mountains points banked.

Another good stage in a Giro where you have to expect the unexpected. And a fabulous Giro for Movistar with four stage wins.

It’s Thursday morning and we’re en route the mountain t