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Giro d’Italia 2012: What a difference a day makes!


I bought most of the ‘quality’ Sundays, yesterday – to see what they had to say about the Giro d’Italia 2012.

The Observer and Times? nada.

The Independent at least had the result.

The Herald had a micro mug shot of Phinney and told us that he also won the opening stage of the Giro in 2010?

However, the Times did have the ‘Sports Rich List.’

At number one in the UK is Becks with a fortune worth £160 million.

On the world stage it’s Tiger Woods, worth £538 mil.

According to Chris Hoy’s dad, his Keirin King son isn’t a millionaire, despite his four Olympic golds.

But guess who is?

Giro d'Italia 2012
Cav makes the Rich List!

Mark Cavendish is Britain’s 36th richest sportsman under 30 years of age. His fortune is estimated at £5 million with the paper speculating that his Sky contract is worth ‘up to £2m a year.’

And that leads us neatly into Monday’s papers –

The Inde is best, with a nice shot of Cav doing his thing; the Guardian is OK but surprisingly, the Times devotes very little to ‘their’ boy.

But Mr. Murdoch does have other things on his mind at the moment.

Giro d'Italia 2012
Cavendish and Sky are starting to be regular headliners. Got to be a good thing for the sport.

However, media-wise, even with Cav winning, the Giro isn’t le Tour.

If that win had been in France then it would have made the front pages.

What we really need is Brad in yellow – everyone understands that.

And on the subject Mr. Wiggins – he’s made it, no, no, not Romandie and Paris-Nice.  A much more important breakthrough: our pal Vik has become a fan, the haircut vexes him, but that apart, ‘Brad’s the boy.’

I used to get the call back in the F des J days; ‘are you watching this?

I’d sigh; ‘no Vik, what’s the problem?

Wiggins ! he’s been stone last the whole stage?

I’d try to defend the Mod Father; ‘he’s just riding the Giro to prepare for the pursuit.

The last track rider who Vik admired was Hughie Porter; ‘he’d come to Belgium to ride the kermises, prepare for the Worlds and stay with us at Mrs. Deane’s. He’d always have a couple of bottles of beer with his dinner – he was a man!

Not so Brad the pursuiter; ‘the pursuit! the pursuit! who gives a f**k about the pursuit?  He’s a big strong boy, it’s a scandal, he could do well in the cobbled Classics!

Changed days as he tells me; ‘I was watching it on RAI (best not mention the Eurosport commentators to Vik) and the Italian boy was shouting, “magnifico!” when Brad was riding the final test.’

And I have to admit that Bradley (sorry, I can’t bear to write W#g#o) has to be viewed as a serious Tour challenger.

Paris – Nice and Romandie are great races, you don’t win them by accident.

And the Johan magic wand just isn’t working with the Bruvs.

Whilst Cadel has been sick and is off the cam – but not to be underestimated.

And that leaves…

Van Den Broeck – he can’t drop Brad in the mountains or beat him in the chronos.

Nibali – the Italians don’t flourish in le Tour.

The French soil can’t support their root system, they need the tifosi – not all those Aussie, American, British and Scandinavian holiday makers, ‘running around in their underwear!’ as Vik would say.

Nibali has class and grinta – and he’s a winner, but a Tour winner?

He has to distance Bradley in the mountains…

Sticking with Liquigas, Sagan – he’s capable of winning it, but this year is maybe too soon.

Cav’s back winning, Vik’s become a Brad fan, all’s well in the world of Sky – it can’t last.