Thursday, February 29, 2024

Big Race: Small Race


Big Race: Small Race. Mid June has been and gone, and I find myself up in the northeast of Italy once again (Arona to be precise), this time at a couple of tiny one day races. We came through the same area for the finale of the Giro, where Ivan Basso turned the screws over the final few days to win the overall.

A significantly smaller proposition awaits us tomorrow!

The total distance tomorrow is somewhere around 180km, and it’s lumpy, but not ridiculously so. Sunday is about 170km and relatively flat.

The teams here are slightly smaller in stature, and the goals for us are a bit of fine-tuning for our sprint boys, and a couple more races for our younger blokes.

Big Race: Small Race
Rabin keeping an eye on things.

There is a grand total of 6 staff members here, compared to the 15-odd we had at the Giro at times, and while the boys will be up for it tomorrow, the vibe is certainly more chilled out. It’s a very nice time out after the Giro and before the Tour from my point of view.

We shall see how we go, but when Tyler’s in the race, we’re going to figure in some way! Fingers crossed it’s another win for Garmin Transitions!