Monday, April 22, 2024

Toby Watson – Today is the Big Day


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Today is the Big Day

Today is the big day. The culmination of the road cycling programme for the London Olympics. I can’t believe we’re already here!

The standard procedure for most riders after the Tour is something like – go to the team party straight after the finish, then find where all of the peloton are heading out to, go out ’til all hours drinking and dancing, wake up at whenever o’clock, stagger down for some coffee, get to the airport to head home, and do pretty much nothing for a week or so.

All of the boys in the Olympics have had the highly unconventional recovery of heading to their various trade team parties, leaving after a polite glass or two of champagne/wine, heading to their various national pre-Olympic camps, and then having daily rides, rubs, physio, medical and chiro treatments.

Today is the Big Day
The Aussie guys on a recce ride.

If Mick Rogers’ state of mind about how good his legs feel is anything to go by, these blokes have just had an enormous load put into them (the Tour) and now have beautifully recovered from it, allowing their bodies to fully adapt to the load.

There will be some impressive work from post-Tour riders this season, methinks!

And yes – Mick’s legs are good.

We’re very hopeful of Mick being right up there today.

We’ve prepared as well as is possible.

Mick is ready, and we will be looking to have him standing on the podium later in the day.

Hope springs eternal!  Go Australia!