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Dan Patten – A Close Call in Grandglise


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Came close to another win at the weekend, this time in Grandglise. I was second to an ex-pro called Jurgen Guns, who used to ride for Vlaanderen 2002 – Eddy Merckx around 1999/2000.

We were away in the break when Jurgen and another rider attacked, with still around 35km to go. I went across to them, and straightaway we dropped the other rider – so it was just me and Jurgen for the remainder of the race.

Ah well, second ain’t so bad.

He was riding really strongly so I decided to ride with him, and we worked well together but on the last lap three riders began to get close.

He attacked me twice on the final lap but I got back to him each time.

With the three riders right behind us in the last km I ended up leading it out (not wanting to get caught) and so he unfortunately came round me for the win, but I took a couple of primies as well as second place.

I’m disappointed not to win as feel I may have still done it in the sprint, but Jurgen obviously used his experience to get me to the front at the right time and so he took the win.

Another podium though, and with a couple of interclubs, a pro kermesse and the National Championships all coming up, it should be an interesting two weeks ahead.

* * *

Grandglise Kermis

1 GUNS Jurgen Cureghem Brussel 2h42
2 PATTEN Daniel (GBR) Asfra Racing Team
3 SIX Sébastien Multisports Cycling Team à 3 ‘’
4 MICHELS Bob St Truiden
5 LOUAGIE Lorenzo St Truiden à 5’’
6 ROUET Rudy Lotto Bodysol à 40’’
7 DELMARQUETE Rémy VC Ardennes à 1’15’’
8 GREMELPONT Axel VCArdennes à 1’19’’
9 DONIE Birger Rogelli CT
10 BLANCHY Michaël Multisport Cycling Team
11 BURTON Jérémy Lotto Bodysol
12 DOPCHIE Jefferson RVC Ottignies
13 COUPE Geofrey Palmans Cras
14 DESMET Sébastien Multisports CT à 1’32’’
15 DE DECKER Eric Chevigny à 1’36’’