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Scottish 50 Mile TT Championship 2009


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Off no.45, Michael Nicolson (Dooleys RT) never looked like being beaten in the Scottish 50 Mile TT Championship 2009, but a but a clutch of riders fought it our for the minor placings in the mens’ competition, whilst Jessica Wilson -Young (Edinburgh RC) took a comfortable win in the womens’ race.

– Reported by Isobel Smith –

The afternoon was bright and warm, but a stiff breeze was blowing so we heard lots of groans before the race even got started.

Scottish 50 Mile TT Championship 2009
Michael took the 50 this afternoon.

The first and only casualty was Christine Mclean (Shetland Wheelers), who had another close shave – this time with a car in Invergordon just after her start.

Only beginning to recover from her accident three weeks ago, Christine now has some more bruises on top of the last lot. She was advised not to ride for four weeks but took no notice of that, like a true athlete!

Undaunted but obviously in pain, she carried on and was caught by Jessica on the south leg, to eventually finish a very worthy second.

We heard that she collapsed at the finish and Carlos Riise took her off to the hospital to be checked over. Hardy folk from Shetland. They were going to drive down south of the border to do the 100 but we’re not sure whether they did or not as they didn’t come back to headquarters.

Ladies’ result

1 Jessica Wilson -Young (Edin RC)  2.04.47
2 Christine Mclean (Shetland Wheelers) 2.08.33
3 Fiona Duncan (Sandy Wallace)  2.11.09
4 Victoria Hunter (Sandy Wallace) 2.15.10

25 times
Jessica 59.28
Christine 1.02.08
Victoria 1.03.18
Fiona 1.02.50

Duncan, Hunter (Sandy Wallace)  4.27.19

The traffic was very heavy after 5pm so we spent two hours worrying . Thankfully all the riders returned safe and sound and we had a new name on top of the leader board – Michael Nicolson (Dooleys RT).

My time checks varied a bit as I had to keep moving around the course but it was a close call between five riders who all finished with 1.52’s.

At the 25 point Cusick was in 2nd place but his trip to Spain on Thursday must have tired him out.

Jonathon Copp was not even a contender at 1.22 down on the leader at the 25 point and in 6th place.

Mens’ result

1 M.Nicolson Dooleys RT 1.51.16
2 M.Atkinson S.Wallace 1.52.02
3 J.Copp S.Wallace 1.52.19
4 A.Doyle Dooleys RT 1.52.41
5 J.Cusick Couriers  1.52.42
6 C.Riise Shetland Wheelers 1.52.43

25 times
Nicolson 53.46
Cusick 53.58
Doyle 54.18
Black 54.31
Riise 54.37
Torrance 54.50
Copp 55.08

Atkinson, Copp, Ian Black( 1.54.40) (Sandy Wallace) 5.35.37

* * *

VeloVeritas didn’t make it to the race today (I always thought that Saturday nights were for going to the movies and not riding tests!) – Martin was flitting, but maybe – if we weren’t disappearing to the Tour on Thursday for ten days, that is — I could have convinced Marlene that a Saturday night in Invergordon was the answer.

The presence of the ‘plague ship’ in the harbour wasn’t handy, though.

Isobel Smith very kindly provided us with the result and her take on the race, and we organised chats with two of our regular stalwarts — Jim Cusick (Glasgow Couriers) and Phil Brown.

Scottish 50 Mile TT Championship 2009
Jim Cusick dropped two places from his 25 ride – 5th this time.

Jim Cusick

“I drove up on the afternoon and then home at night; it was a long day — if I was doing it again, I’d call in some favours and get someone to drive me.

“I left early to dodge the Tea in the Park traffic and it meant there was a lot of hanging about before the race.

“Michael Nicholson wasn’t a surprise, he’s been doing a lot of training — big miles. I think he’s frustrated in road race because he’s marked so tightly.

“It was a fantastic ride, a 1:51 in that wind. It was a strong man’s day and you had to keep on top if it.

“The last eight miles with the tail wind I had tunnel vision, the world was closing in on me, I did the last five miles inside ten minutes, I always seem to be able to hurt myself more with the tail wind.

“I was well upon Carlos at 27 miles, but at the line it was only one second! It was a very tight race, Arthur beat me by one second for fourth and I beat Carlos by the same margin for fifth.

“I had a bit of a bad patch at 38 miles, stuck some food down and it passed, but maybe I should have done that earlier?”

Jim explained that the reason for the race being held on a Saturday night was that the championship incorporated the Skelly Cup 50, traditionally held on a Saturday night — now you know.

Scottish 50 Mile TT Championship 2009
Phil was 8th today.

Phil Brown

“I got home at midnight, it was a long day, not your usual time trial!

“I finished eighth, the wind got up just as the race started and it was a tough one. I couldn’t quite break into the circle of ‘usual suspects’ — Atkinson, Doyle, Copp, Cusick and the rest.

“I was on 1:56:09, but it was a tight race, I think there were five on 1:52.

“From half distance for the next 20 miles, it was a head wind, with a lot of long drags, Nicholson’s 1:51 was a good ride, on the day.

“He’s riding more time trials because I think he’s tired of being sat on in road races, last year he was ‘that new young guy,’ but since he won the first Super Six, at the start of this season, he’s covered all the time — especially by Endura.

We’re working on a Michael Nicholson interview — watch this space!