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Dan Patten Blog; Up and Running


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So it’s been a fairly quiet start of the season for me, but I can say now on the Dan Patten Blog that things are underway. A blood test here in Belgium revealed lower iron levels, which most likely explains my lethargic start to the new year. Since then things have been progressing nicely for me and the body is finally getting back to some sense of normality.

Training has been consistently better and I have begun racing and quickly finding my feet again.

Dan Patten Blog
Snapped when out training.

Of course what has helped has been the great weather conditions that we are experiencing this month in Belgium. 20 degrees +, sunshine and bright blue skies certainly helps morale.

And with such nice weather, what better than training on the famous Flanders bergs or to spin out on the Schelde peloton to help find the legs again.

Early season racing in Belgium is known for being a little on the crazy side and this year is certainly no exception.

Big pelotons (in the line), fast racing and a lot of eager riders certainly keeps things interesting. For me it’s simply been about finding my legs again, which in a few races seems to be happening.

Dan Patten Blog
Finding my legs again in the large bunch is a great feeling.

After solid performances in both Meulebeke and Ichtegem where I rode strongly but without any major result (31st and 28th respectively), I already produced my first top 10 placing of the year this weekend past with an 8th in the Beloeil kermesse.

Dan Patten Blog
On the attack again!

I may only be trying to find my racing legs again, but that doesn’t stop me getting involved with the attack-fest that is kermis racing.

From km zero the race was on and I was very much involved in the action from start to finish, which can only be good signs and certainly an indication that things are getting back to normal.

Dan Patten Blog
It’s a tough apprenticeship.

In between training and racing, I also did a bit of acting for the filming of a TV advert.

Dan Patten Blog
A 100 euro gig for riding up and down a section of the Paddestraat cobbles (not much acting involved there) numerous times on a nice sunny day and a lot of banter to go with it… was a nice way to make some extra euros.

The Belgian classics have also been in full flow, with the biggest of them all, the Ronde Van Vlaanderen coming up this Sunday.

Seeing it all first hand once again continues to inspire me and remind me of where I want to be.

So I am up and running and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot to talk about in the coming weeks. Good times ahead… until next time!