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Santini announce Trek-Segafredo Fluoro Training Kit

Santini and Team Trek-Segafredo announce a new line of fluorescent yellow training gear, for improved road visibility.


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Road safety has always been a huge focus for the Trek-Segafredo team. This very topical subject is pertinent to both pros in training and the many other regular cyclists that hit the roads every day. Santini is, as ever, extremely conscious of their needs. So, for the men’s and women’s teams, the Italian company has created a range of Trek-Segafredo fluoro training kit designed to increase cyclists’ visibility to others on the road by 300%.

Trek-Segafredo Fluoro Training Kit

Staying safe on the roads is a particularly topical subject for cyclists right now. A whole slew of campaigns backed by pro athletes is encouraging bike lovers to make their spins safer. These include the #luciacceseanchedigiorno initiative which aims to raise awareness amongst cyclists of using their lights not just at night or in low light conditions but throughout the day.

However, in addition to light, what you wear also plays a pivotal role is staying visible to others on the road when you’re out on your bike.

Trek-Segafredo Fluoro Training Kit

This is a major focus for pros like the Trek-Segafredo men’s and Trek-Segafredo women’s teams who have chosen a fluorescent colour for their training kit.

The main colour for the teams’ Santini Cycling Wear training kits is fluorescent yellow, which glows when exposed to ultraviolet rays, increasing the wearer’s visibility to others on the road by 300% compared to normal colours. Short and long-sleeved jerseys and wind vests in fluorescent yellow are the real protagonists of the Trek-Segafredo men’s and women’s team training cycles.

Reflective details are also essential to making cyclists even easier to see, particularly on evening spins when fluorescent kit on its own simply won’t suffice.

Needless to say, Santini has thought of that too, adding reflective logos to all the various garments in the Trek-Segafredo wardrobe from the race kit to accessories and black jackets.

This is something Santini does with its collections which feature myriad reflective details on all the strategic parts of the body to ensure that cyclists are more visible and so safer on the road.

Trek-Segafredo Fluoro Training Kit

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