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Ponferrara World Road Championships 2014 – Juniors & Women. Jonas Bokeloh & Pauline Ferrand-Prevot


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I hate to keep moaning about these Worlds, but …

There’s no way you can get from the two K to go sign at the foot of the final descent and up onto the climb.

Barriers, tapes, police, volantarios (volunteer janitors) – grim !

A man who can’t walk the course ends up in too many bars.

But on a positive note, I met Abdou, today.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Djamolidin Abdoujaparov looking chilled. Photo©Ed Hood

He still looks like you wouldn’t mess with him, although his English is good and he does smile a lot. ‘Sometimes I help teams and sometimes I do nothing!’ He’s promised us an interview – let’s hope so.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) emerged victorious in the junior men’s road race at the world championships in Ponferrada. Photo©Ed Hood

The junior race was mad – crashes aplenty but a good finish with the big German lad Bokeloh too fast for everyone.

The wee Russian Alexandr Kulikovskiy who was second looks ‘well hard’ – he’d get no lip from anyone in a chip shop in Whitburn.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Alexandr Kulikovskiy, well ‘ard. Photo©Ed Hood

Kuurne winner, James Shaw made the top 20 for GB after having been in the right place most of the time, missing the encounters with the tar.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Huge screens help everyone keep up-to-date. Photo©Ed Hood

The Ladies race, well, I hate to neg. but I can tell you that for the first five laps there was only one lass off the front on one lap, when they passed me.

For five laps it was a procession; simply not a good advertisement for those argue for ‘parity.’

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
The womens’ peloton pass, todos juntos. Photo©Ed Hood

Anthony McCrossan made a good fist of ‘speaking’ – but you could almost hear him thinking ‘do something, someone, anything, please !

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
The bunch’s view of the finishing straight. Photo©Ed Hood
Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Marianne Vos has a tremendous record at the World Championships, but she’s not on her best form here. Photo©Ed Hood

I can never understand why there aren’t more attacks in ladies’ racing – if it comes down to a sprint then only a very limited number of the field have any chance.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Dutch fans patiently await the women’s peloton to pass. Photo©Ed Hood

The race was the last lap but I couldn’t figure the tactics, when a girl would jump away on the long drag out of town, rather than go across solo, the girls who countered would drag others across.

And in the finale when the four were away, it was madness to look at each other as they did when well inside the red kite.

If any one of them had gone then the others would have responded and fourth was the worst any of them would have finished.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Pauline Ferrand-Prevot wins the sprint from German Lisa Brennauer and Emma Johansson (Sweden). Photo©Ed Hood

Lizzie’s Team – Sky/GB; it never seems like fun, when you’re on the outside looking in at the regime there are droves of ‘helpers’ but it all seems as if everyone is on edge, nervous, worried with no ‘buzz’ at all.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
You go girl! Photo©Ed Hood

The US girls, whilst a wee bit too ‘way to go‘ for my tastes were smiling, joking and looking forward to their race – and the Swedish girls sat chatting and smiling in the sun.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
The Swedish girls appear relaxed before the start. Photo©Ed Hood

And let’s not talk about ‘focus’ or ‘winners’ – the US tried hard, the Swedes were on the podium and GB weren’t.

“But when you analyse the performance in the context of stepping stones on the road to Rio, the right boxes have all been ticked.”


On a happier note, I have to say I’m impressed with the prices of beer and cafe con leche in Ponferrada – €1:50 and €1:00 respectively.

No complaints there – and I need one of those coffees right now.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Marianne Vos’ power gear. Photo©Ed Hood

It’s 07:00 Sunday as I write this, en route the start, one of the French team trucks has just passed us.

Might it be their day?

Chava up the road, then Gallopin with Bouhanni to complete the job?

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
More French celebrations tomorrow for the Elite Men? Photo©Ed Hood

On the subject of Nacer, his wee brother Rayane was in tears after the junior race, yesterday – he was here to win.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot
Rayane Bouhanni thought today was for him. Photo©Ed Hood

Belgium have Boonen, Gilbert and Greg Van Avermaet; Italy have Aru, Nibali and Colbrelli; Australia Gerrans and Matthews; the home nation, Valverde.


One of the Yates Bruvs top ten is the best we can hope for; ‘Swifty?’ – I can’t see it but I’d be happy to wrong on that one.

Tortilla, cafe con leche and the world’s biggest one day race are calling.

I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, meanwhile …

Ve con Dios.

Results - World Road Championships, Junior Men and Women

Junior Men

1 Jonas Bokeloh (Germany) 3:07:00
2 Alexandr Kulikovskiy (Russian Federation)
3 Peter Lenderink (Netherlands)
4 Edoardo Affini (Italy)
5 Magnus Klaris (Denmark)
6 Izidor Penko (Slovenia)
7 Lucas Eriksson (Sweden)
8 Lorenzo Fortunato (Italy)
9 Léo Danes (France)
10 Sjoerd Bax (Netherlands)
11 Jordi Warlop (Belgium)
12 Wilmar Paredes (Colombia)
13 Emiel Planckaert (Belgium)
14 Gino Mäder (Switzerland)
15 Moritz Fußnegger (Germany)
16 James Shaw (Great Britain)
17 Masahiro Ishigami (Japan)
18 Mitchell Cornelisse (Netherlands)
19 Christian Koch (Germany)
20 Martin Schäppi (Switzerland)
21 Aurélien Paret-Peintre (France)
22 Pascal Eenkhoorn (Netherlands)
23 Jonas Gregaard (Denmark)
24 Jai Hindley (Australia)
25 Senne Leysen (Belgium)
26 Benjamin Brkic (Austria)
27 Michael Storer (Australia)
28 Mark Padun (Ukraine)
29 Ward Jaspers (Belgium)
30 Stepan Kurianov (Russian Federation)
31 Andrej Petrovski (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
32 Vincenzo Albanese (Italy)
33 Hampus Anderberg (Sweden) 0:00:08
34 James Thompson (Australia) 0:00:12
35 Tamirlan Tassymov (Kazakhstan) 0:00:16
36 Zeno Caminada (Switzerland) 0:00:20
37 Kevin Geniets (Luxembourg) 0:00:37
38 Øyvind Skog (Norway) 0:00:38
39 Pavel Sivakov (Russian Federation)
40 Jaime Restrepo (Colombia) 0:01:10
41 Filippo Ganna (Italy)
42 Maxim Satlikov (Kazakhstan) 0:01:33
43 Rayane Bouhanni (France) 0:01:44
44 Michael O’loughlin (Ireland)
45 Alexander Fåglum Karlsson (Sweden)
46 Aleksander Vlasov (Russian Federation)
47 Patrick Haller (Germany)
48 Yuriy Chsherbinin (Kazakhstan)
49 Mario Spengler (Switzerland)
50 Philip O’donnell (United States Of America)
51 Jan Maas (Netherlands)
52 Zeke Mostov (United States Of America)
53 Sasu Halme (Finland)
54 Miguel Angel Ballesteros (Spain)
55 Pierre Idjouadienne (France)
56 Riccardo Verza (Italy) 0:01:48
57 Gotzon Martín (Spain) 0:03:36
58 Juraj Bellan (Slovakia)
59 Rocco Fuggiano (Italy) 0:03:38
60 Eddie Dunbar (Ireland) 0:03:51
61 Nicola Conci (Italy) 0:03:57
62 Žan Jerkic (Slovenia) 0:04:23
63 Ivan Venter (South Africa)
64 Erlend Blikra (Norway) 0:04:44
65 Rodrigo Dos Santos Quirino (Brazil) 0:04:46
66 Hartthijs De Vries (Netherlands) 0:04:55
67 Matthew Gibson (Gre