Monday, May 20, 2024

Mark Cavendish, Just How Good Is He?


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Just how good is Mark Cavendish? Today is the first out and out sprint stage.

Mark Cavendish
The finale today, with the roundabouts which could cause some problems.

Today we find out if the form Gossy and Greipel showed yesterday relative to Mark Cavendish was true, or if Cav was holding back a little. (For those out of the loop, Greipel showed that his train is beautifully organised and disciplined; and Gossy showed that he can bop a win over the great one when at the Tour.)

Mark Cavendish is the best there is at the moment, and maybe the best there’s been… Defending World Champ, defending Green Jersey holder, squillions of Grand Tour stage victories, etc, etc.

If there is a way that he can find to win, he will find that way, and win. It is an amazing and rare ability.

Tonight we see if the weight he’s lost to be a chance to get over the nine circuits that are the Olympics course has cost him the speed to capitalise on his amazing ability to win.

I have been in that many teams who have come second to him that many times (AAAAAAARRRRRGHHHHH!!!!!) that I just can’t see him not winning again!

So I reckon Cav, from Gossy, with Greipel bringing it in for 3rd. We’ll see…