Monday, June 24, 2024

Surprisingly Static


Surprisingly Static
Now that’s a downplayed colour scheme.

The first climbing day of the Tour has been and gone, and nothing major has changed, it’s all surprisingly static. We’re still unsure of the form of the Schlecks (and particularly Andy); Contador still has a tower of work to do to get back into the race; Evans still looks very good; and Hushovd still has the yellow!

Surprisingly Static. So while there have been no significant changes, there has been a significant surprise.

After their falls and bad luck, we have seen Gesink and Hesjedal slide down the GC standings.

Handily, with the majority of sprinters and non-contenders being dropped yesterday, the overall standings have been winnowed enough that it is simpler to see where the contenders sit relative to each other. Other than Thor that is!

I’ve already raved enough about Thor, but suffice to say he continues to amaze with his defense of his jersey. Truly brilliant.

In Velogames fantasy, the wheels have fallen off my team with the loss of Wiggo and Horner’s injury: suddenly my wait for the hills cries have become hollow!

Rob Brown still dominates the league, while poor Tim Collins has the adversity of picking even less lucky gc men than me and so is languishing at the bottom of the table! ahh such is cycling.

On to the final stage of the first stanza of the Tour! Rest day tomorrow, and won’t all of the teams be hanging out for that!