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Copenhagen Six Day 2012 – Day Six


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The camper, 10:23 Wednesday morning, and the Copenhagen Six Day 2012 is all over. The cabins are bare; Dirk is in his camper headed for Drongen; Jackie and his dad have been safely deposited at the airport and we’re heading into Copenhagen for a little bit of R & R before we get the plane home.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Getting everyone where they need to be.

The local newspapers perhaps best reflect the state of the Republic of Six Days, just a few column inches – the Contador Saga grabs page after page.

A good Copenhagen Six Day race, but not a great one.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Marc has arrived.

Marc Hester’s transformation from immature laddie who played at his training and was a little bit of a pain, to mature, serious athlete, race winner and decent guy is complete.

I caught up with him for a few words after the final;

”When I saw that I had been paired with Iljo it gave me a big boost, but it was too much to think about winning – Alex Rasmussen and Michael Morkov are such strong riders.

“This is a childhood dream for me, I’ve ridden here every year since Robert Slippens and Danny Stam won in 2006, but to finally win is amazing.

“I kinda had to put my brain away in the last 50 laps, we were going so deep, but I really wanted the win.

“Pair number 7 is the famous one in Danish six day racing but I think that I’ve put a big line under pair number 9 with this win.”

Indeed, Marc.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Having Iljo in your cabin doesn’t do you any harm.

Here’s what Iljo Keisse had to say in the QuickStep press release;

“This season has been one of my best so far.

“I’ve won four Six-Day (Amsterdam, Grenoble, Zurich, Copenhagen) with four different partners and the European Championship with De Ketele and I’ve made it to the podium three times in three different races.

“It’s been a fantastic season.”

For sure, Iljo.

Our boys, Alex and Michael lead going in to the last night but four wins on the trot would be too many, some even said that the hat trick was taking it too far.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Next year will be the big revenge match – I know who my money will be on.

Big Bob Bartko and Leif Lampater were third for Germany; the ‘Potsdam Bear’ isn’t just quite the beast he was a year or two ago and Leif is a little too ‘laid back’ to win big.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Big Bob Bartko.

In fourth place were the men from Holland – Rotterdam winner, Wim Stroetinga paired with Danny Stam in his final Six Day race.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Danny Stam in action.

In fifth spot was our own Franco ‘Marvellous’ Marvulli paired with Michael’s wee brother, Jesper.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Franco leads Kenny De Ketele.

A good result for Mørkøv minor and enough for Franco to top the winter track rankings.

For one last time before we store the Conti’s in a cool, dry, dark place, let’s take the bags up to the track cabins, fill the basins, check the bottles…

‘Our boy’ Dominik Stucki and his partner won the final night of the UiV U23 Six Day and topped the overall standings too.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Dominik Stucki and Lionel Wust.

Dominik is a good guy, he’s planning to retire at the end of this winter season to concentrate on his studies – let’s hope he reconsiders.

The commissairs had to chase the Six Day guys out of the cabins for the rolling presentation – maybe the don’t want the season to end?

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Tim Mertens.

The sprint series sees Franco win another five litre bottle of wine and Shane wine a cheque; ‘a thousand Euros, mate !‘ says our boy.

Er, try Danish Crowns, Shane.

The mini Six Day winners presentation is next, the winning kids get Copenhagen Six Day 50th anniversary commemorative books.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
They’ll soon be looking for better prizes than that.

Alex and Michael dominate the Devil.

The visitors arrive, it’s like a battle in the Korean War; the human waves just keep coming.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Hester is swamped, but pretty chuffed.

Alex wins the Ballerup Grand Prix – match sprinting for the Six Day riders – I bet the others wish he made it look like he was trying.

Straight into the Derny and Danny Stam’s last ever win before his puts those lovely white Giants on eBay.

Shane leads the flying lap but Norman pips him, that lad is quick.

There’s a presentation for retiring organiser Henrik Elmgreen and his wife, tonight.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Alex and Michael take them for a lap of honour in a rickshaw; ‘that’s the best you’ve looked on the bike all week !’ we tell Alex – he just laughs.

Barth struts his stuff in the balustrade sprint, the crowd love it – but I prefer my riders not to have an all-over tan.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
It’s show time – Marcel Barths Party Hat.
Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Marc and Iljo surprise everyone and go for a long one – those boys are points hungry.
Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Ole Steens torture us – sorry, I mean entertain us with some; ‘rok an roal !’

And then it’s chase time – ‘Cara Mia‘ for the last time, a full house, the Arena has never looked better.

‘Pars’ 7 and 9 are inseperable, and it all comes down to the last 50 laps and those points sprints.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Par # 7.

Burn that mother down!‘ holler The Tramps and, with 40 to go, Iljo tries hard to oblige.

Marc is on his knees, but he wants that win so bad he can taste it.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Marc is visibly struggling now, but digging deep.

It all comes down to the last lap – as it should when you have paying public to entertain – and Iljo’s salute as he crosses the line is worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Iljo is well known for his victory salute, this one at the Copenhagen Six in 2012.
Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Iljo, class act.

Marc cries on the podium, his family are all there to share in the emotion.

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
The podium stars.

Half the cycling journalists in Denmark want an interview with him, the other half head for our cabin – Alex and Michael are polite and dignified in defeat.

(Michael is actually planning his training programme for next year’s race as he smiles his way through another interview)

Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Our boys, still dignified.
Copenhagen Six Day 2012
Iljo slips away, quietly – job done.

We do the same.