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Zürich Four Days 2011 – Day One


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From the chaos emerged a track centre bar and restaurant, cabins for us, work space for the mechanics – and something to race the Zürich Four Days 2011 on.

I can’t say too much about the track – or Pete will slap me, but it obviously can’t be as smooth as a permanent one.

Zürich Four Days 2011
Dominique admires Alex’s “form”.
Zürich Four Days 2011
The uneven boards will mean sore butts and sore arms, to accompany the sore legs, back, throat…

The stadium restaurant is good; we get one meal each day – last year it was two.

Maybe they figure that since it’s only four days we don’t need fed as much?

The racing was good, Franco is back to his old self, making it look easy – and it’s no hindrance to be paired with Iljo Keisse.

Zürich Four Days 2011
There’s a lot of flowers handed out to the race winners throughout the night.

The programme has two madisons, a 100 lapper and a 220 lapper – De Ketele/Mertens took the first one with Franco/Iljo taking the second one in front of an adoring crowd.

It’s maybe not pure pagan idolatory like with Iljo at the ‘t Kuipke – but for the reserved Suisse, it’s close.

Zürich Four Days 2011
Iljo is a star wherever he races.

The working conditions are difficult though, there’s not enough room and way too many ‘civilians’ wandering around the cabins.

Zürich Four Days 2011
Danilo Hondo wins one of the derby races.

The media attention Franco gets is overwhelming, newspapers, radio and TV literally queue up at the cabin.

Zürich Four Days 2011
Franco pays particular attention to this lady’s questions.

On a couple of occasions, Jesper has been forced out of his place in the cabin by the descending hordes.

But I suppose that’s part of the price of stardom?

Zürich Four Days 2011
Marcel Barth borrows the mascot’s heed.
Zürich Four Days 2011
Is it finished yet?

Zürich Four Days - Results

Overall after Night One

1 Franco Marvulli/Iljo Keisse (Swi/Bel) Skoda 63 pts
2 Silvan Dillier/Glenn O’Shea (Swi/Aus) Lerch & Partner 53
3 Danilo Hondo/Robert Bartko (Ger) Samsung 51
@ 1 lap
4 Tim Mertens/Kenny De Ketele (Bel) Haba 49
5 Leif Lampater/Christian Grasmann (Ger) ewz 44
6 Marc Hester/Jasper Mørkøv (Den) Hotel Krone Unterstrass 35
7 Danny Stam/Leon Van Bon (Ned) Rotronic 33
8 Martin Hacecky/Vojtech Hacecky (Cze) Habegger 26
@ 2 laps
9 Robert Bengsch/Marcel Barth (Ger) Riposa 6
@ 3 laps
10 Bernard Oberholzer/Andreas Müller (Swi/Aut) Price 14
@ 4 laps
11 Dominik Stucki/Benjamin Edmüller (Swi/Ger) Elektro Material 16
@ 6 laps
12 Alexander Aeschbach/Dominique Stark (Swi) Burkhalter Group 12