Friday, May 24, 2024

Abandon Vehicle


Three days after Lierde there was a race in Wallonie, a race I intended to do, well that was until the team vehicle almost went up in flames.

A Belgian team manager lets us use the team vehicles to get about to races… so I can’t really complain too much.

They are rather old though, and this one in partcluar apparenty had 450,000km on the clock – maybe time to get a new one?!

Abandon Vehicle
I don’t have a pic of the team car, so instead, here’s a pic of a lass in our team strip. No reason.

With the speedometer not working we thought the concern would be keeping to the speed limit….

That was until smoke began coming from the rear and we began to smell burning, “Quick pull it over, I think it’s on fire”.

After getting the bikes and bags out of the car the smoke did disappear and the vehicle didn’t go up in flames.

It wasnt moving either though, so a case of abandoning any race plans (of course) – and abandoning the vehicle too.

The team manager went and collected it later that night… he admitted smelling the burning (quite normal for these cars, apparently). Maybe they should come with a warning.

Luckily no harm done, it’s repaired now and ready to go on for another 450,000km, no doubt.