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Knee Warmers, and ProTour Guys in Scotland


Before we mention Knee Warmers… Matt, our Aussie cobber has clued me in on the Lance gig – he’s notching a few K’s whilst in here for the U2 gig, before he heads for the Tour of Ireland.

You could ride with the great man, leaving the Ashtree House Hotel, 9 Orr Square, Paisley at noon.

Knee Warmers
Who really thinks these Knee Warmers are smart?

I hope he’s briefed his minders not to stick their hands in folks faces; you get away with that with wimpy journos at the Tour but the Paisley Young Team boys are different!

I was driving across town today and spied a rider in shorts and knee warmers* – it’s all Edwig Van Hooydonck’s fault.

What’s wrong with full length bottoms?

Why would you want to have shorts then “knee warmers” then 100 mm of bare flesh, then overshoes? Maybe I’m just getting old!

The “real” world got in the way of me seeing Lance or Cav – probably just as well, I’d only:  have ranted about it, anyway!

Old Matt was busy with the emails last night; he pointed out that the Finnish elite road champs jersey may be about to change hands due to the winner having tested positif for that inconvenient testosterone stuff.

But, “it must have been in a food supplement!” – ah, well, why didn’t he say so?

That one worked for Ilijo, didn’t it?

*Knee warmers are a shorter version of leg warmers, and you guessed it, cover the knee joint, effectively transforming your bib shorts into a 3/4 length short. Although less popular than leg warmers, they can be very useful in certain conditions.