Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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The VV View: That Sprinter Groove Thang


Sprinter Groove Thang
It’s Trossachs time again.

That’s 12 days out of 14 or 15 I’ve been out on the bike; I was getting out regularly before the Giro but life was just so hectic after I came back that I let it go, that Sprinter Groove Thang. This time, though, I’m back – I want to ride around the Trossachs with Martin as we do the race report.

I spoke to Tyler Farrar tonight, he’s always cool to talk to – he proves that you don’t necessarily have to be controversial to be a sprinter.

He’s riding the Vuelta, on top of the Giro and the Tour – a schedule which is a killer for one rider is another rider’s passport to “Beardom”.

He’s a big strong boy, you can see it – rugged, strong, he soaks it up.

I remember talking to an ex Z-Peugeot pro and training partner of Robert Millar. I asked him what he thought his biggest mistake as a pro was;

“…training too much – I was always wasted, I used to go out with Robert, he’d thrive on six hour runs, but when I look back, I was always over trained.”

Gossip for tomorrow – Cav’s in Edinburgh and Lance has “twittered” that he’ll be in Glasgow!

Spoilt for choice; but I think I’ll pursue Cav, if I can – keep that sprinter groove going.