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The VV View: We Believe in Tyler Farrar


I was out on the bike at crack of dawn today – my buddy John comes over, we go for a potter up the coast then have a coffee and a scone at the Beach House in Portobello – if you see us, give us a smile; scowls use a lot more energy, guys. I covered the Hamburg Classic today; it was a good finale and great to see Tyler Farrar win.

Tyler Farrar
As they say on “The Fast Show”, Tyler Farrar is a “good guy”.

Tyler Farrar won a Tirreno stage back at the start of the year and I managed to get his phone number through other contacts at Garmin.

I’ve kept in touch with him through the Giro and Tour – Martin and I followed him during his ride in the Annecy TT at the Tour.

He’s a cool guy, and I knew that he had the big wins in him – there are more to come, too. I’ve an interview soon with him.

* * *

Talking of interviews, Pete Jacques (look out for our interview with him on VeloVeritas soon) put me in touch with Six Day star Leif Lampater and I had a chat with him tonight.

He’s just back after a sore crash – the pics of his face after it are scary.

Lampater is one of those very few people born to ride a track bike – it’s hard to know where the Giant ends and he starts.

I did an interview with him at the Copenhagen Six and was struck by his self belief and confidence.

One day, he’ll be the “daddy” of the boards – you heard it here first!