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Scottish Cycling Super 6 Series – Event 4, Leven: Preview


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The Scottish Cycling Super 6 Duncan McGregor Memorial races will start with 5 or 10 minute gap between them. Race A off first.

Both races will tackle the climb to Largo Ward which will prove a challenge, race B have a prime the first time up the climb with race getting a lap to warm up before the first prime points are fought out.

The rolling course continues with the riders descending to Craigrothie before lining up for the first Sprint prime situated prior to the30 signs at the entrance to Ceres village. Both races tackle this on the first 2 laps.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Paul Coates and Ray Wilson (eventual winner) hoof it up Largo Law in last year’s edition.

The race then continues with a drag from Ceres upto Craigrothie where a left turn onto the A916 sees riders continue on rolling roads until the left turn onto the B927, where riders descend to complete the first lap

For race A the third time into Ceres sees the riders turning left onto an unclassified road that climbs to the villages of Woodside and New Gilston.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
East & West Lomond Hills (the “paps o’ Fife”).

This loop within a loop proved to be the undoing of many last year with Paul Coats breaking his bars on the climb, Evan Oliphant puncturing as he bridged to winner Ray Wilson and the small chase group fragmenting under the pressure applied by Stuart MacGregor and Paul Rennie.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Paul Coates’ race ended early last year.

Race B complete two full laps and don’t undertake the loop within a loop.

The finish differs from last year with both races descending the B927 to complete their second lap (Race B) and third lap (Race A).

Riders then continue on the A915 entering Lundin Links where they turn onto the Cupar road (Left turn) after the bad bends and bridge.

The finish is approx one mile up this road. The road is narrower than last years finish so riders should exercise caution.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Craigrothie last time, Evan punctured not long after this.


3 laps of big circuit

1 lap of small circuit, half way round third lap of big circuit

Proceed along A915 on start of third lap turning onto Cupar road after Bridge in Lunden Links


2 laps of big circuit only

Proceed along A915 on start of third lap turning onto Cupar road after Bridge in Lunden Links

Note – Sprint on laps 1and 2 for both races.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
The parcours.