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The VV View: Wee Tom, Mullet Bikes and Podcasts


The Tour is the Tour,’ for sure, but for me the Giro is the most beautiful. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is that crushing sense of emptiness on the Monday morning after the Pink Race finishes. Like the man said then; ‘Carpe diem!’ But before we look at mullet bikes let’s talk about the ‘Pink Race’.

It was something of a surprise to most for Simon Yates to beat the chrono specialists to take the Stage Two time test, albeit Sean Kelly predicted it.

Yates was aided by a ‘Vorteq’ skinsuit, a snip at £2,750 but if you go for the package which includes the overshoes then you’re looking at £3,250 – BUT you do get an hour in the wind tunnel to ease the pain.

Them ‘marginal gains’ don’t come cheap…

mullet bikes
Simon Yates and his Vorteq skinsuit. Photo©Tim de Waele

Sticking with the Giro, it’s hard to take in that it’s a decade since we interviewed Stage Eight winner, Lotto’s Belgian hard man, Thomas De Gendt.

I didn’t think he had another Giro stage win in him, not with all the young ‘uns coming up but when it’s a stage like that, too tough for the sprinters but unsuited to pure climbers and it’s down to mental and physical toughness after a hard day in the saddle then he comes into his own.

As I write this, a sun-baked Stage Nine plays out on my laptop whilst outside it’s a cool, grey Firth of Forth day – oh to be in the Bella Italia, great weather, a crisp pink Gazzetta dello Sport and perfect cappuccino every morning.  

We can dream. 

mullet bikes
Photo©Ed Hood

It’s the Blockhaus tappa today, Dave Chapman and I were up there in 2009 when Pellizotti won; Di Luca tried to lose maglia rosa, Menchov on the climb but the big Russian hung tough to defend. 

Lance was riding but not in seven-Tours winning form. 

Mention of Lance and the Giro leads me on to the UCI, how can they expect the track Nations Cup to get the attention it deserves if it’s on at the same time as the Giro?

* * *

On the subject of Milton, those GB Hope track machines on show there may be fast but jings, they are not bonnie; nor is the new GB strip, that shade of green is best reserved for forestry workers’ jackets.

mullet bikes
Olly Wood rode well in the Omnium at the recent UCI Track Nations Cup in Glasgow. Photo©Martin Williamson

It’s almost as bad as that fluo yellow thing from a few years back, the old GB blue with red sleeves jersey was a classic.

France and Belgium haven’t messed around with their national colours too much, ‘just for the sake of it,’ as seems to be the case with GB – and Scotland, our old blue jersey was classy.

mullet bikes
Jamie McGahan sports the simple, classy Scotland jersey. Photo©unknown

Then there’s Sen. Savio’s Drone Hopper team’s socks, made by Rosti, oh dear…

But I know, ‘I’m a dinosaur…

* * *

And of course, a rant’s not a rant unless we talk component moolah.

mullet bikes

Rapha, you have to respect them, £30 – but down from £50 – for a notebook that would cost you a couple of quid at B & M Home Stores.

And now, we can purchase a Coloral 1947 Classic metal feeding bottle for a mere £35:00 – BUT, they’re sold out!

Gonna look good on your super-aero, dropped stay, F16 cockpit, carbon dream machine. 

Like I say, ‘respect,’ to Rapha – nice work if you can get it.

And then there’s ‘dropper’ seat posts – made desirable by Matej Mohoric’s use of one on his daredevil descent of the Poggio to win the Primavera.

Dave and I are getting them for the drop down the Swan Brae from Wellesley Road to lower Methil, another snip at £375…

The ‘dropper’ comes from the world of the MTB and on that subject – with the demise of ‘ProCycling’ magazine my subscription was transferred to Mountain Bike Rider, I considered cancelling but then thought it may be interesting to brush up my MTB knowledge?

mullet bikes
Photo©Team USA

I’ve been into MTB’s since way back – the mid 80’s when I had a Muddy Fox then a Specialized Rock Hopper before I got the MTB love of my life, my Klein Attitude around 1989.

The Klein is on 26” wheels, a ‘hardtail’ with rigid front forks, I’ve upgraded the brakes a time or two and now I have Magura hydraulic rim callipers.

Suspension and discs are the norm now – the Klein is from another era.

Whilst I did know that there were ’29-ers,’ that’s 29” wheeled bikes on the go, I hadn’t realised that the ‘650b’ size – that’s 27” – had also entered the MTB firmament.