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Copenhagen Six Day 2013 – Day Four


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It’s a lunchtime start today at the Copenhagen Six Day 2013, it’s a Sunday, Junior Senior’s ‘Everybody’ is a cool tune to organise the clothing to – but the bad news is that someone has pinched some of Sebastian Lander’s new BMC kit. I did think there were some dodgy looking youths among the ViPs last night.

Most of the guys are ‘flat’ today – with some it’s just battle fatigue, but some will no doubt be recovering from the post-race party which went on ‘til 05:00.

But Barth’s not ‘flat,’ he arrives with blaring ‘boogie box’ creating white noise as it battles with the stadium PA; he’s not big on training, likes night clubs, has an all over tan and two ear rings – and has an old Sercu fan like me shaking my head.

And he’s taken to wearing his crown and cape during the ‘balustrade’ sprint, oh dear…

The house is full; but mostly on free tickets from the Danish Post Office who are one of the big race sponsors.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
The kids whack until the presents spill out.

It’s apparently the Danish Halloween and part of the rituals is that the kids whack some bundle with a stick until it falls apart and then… I lost interest.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
A nice relaxed changeover for Alex.

The chase was a real yawn inducer; but it wasn’t just us thinking that, organiser Jimmi Madsen was soon track side bellowing to the peloton that he wanted acceleration.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
But the lap board at half distance told its own story, nine teams on the zero lap.

If this was a Sercu race, this just wouldn’t happen, one look or gesture would be enough and even then he’d be around after the finish reading the riot act.

Bartko/Hester win – is that the same Robert Bartko who was coughing his insides out the other night?

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
Hester gets Bartko into the race.

The same man – but not a chase to enter in to Copenhagen Legend, I’m afraid.

A set by “DeeJay/singer” Joey Moe was next – enough said.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
Lasse shows the concentration required, taking a sling from Michael.

The Team De’il, and par # 7  hoover the points, then Jesper wins the Derny to keep the Mørkøv name up there.

He’s good behind the Dernys is Jesper, getting praise for his riding in the 2011 Amsterdam Six in the paced races – but no contract for 2012. And he took silver in the European Derny Championships over 40 kilometres behind David Vigano at Montichiara in November.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
Our American rider Zach rode a great time trial.

The hi-lite of the afternoon was the flying lap, our US guys lead for a while on 13.6 but Bengsch/Kalz – with the latter taking the huge sling from Bengsch – stormed it with a new lap record – 12.5 to win.

Copenhagen Six Day 2013
Bengsch is superfast today.
Copenhagen Six Day 2013
Kalz works really well with Bengsch.

It was outstanding stuff – that’s one-third of a second off the lap record since the Six started.

The final chase came and went without much fuss.

And now it’s 9:45 pm and I wouldn’t mind vacating my breeze block hutch and trying for an early night, so ‘ciao, ciao’ from Copenhagen.