Saturday, April 20, 2024

Upholstery tacks, Did That Really Happen? (TDF 2012 St14)


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Upholstery tacks? Seriously?

Clearly my “Ugly Fans” rant was two days too soon.

The Tour is such a great spectacle partly because of the amazing numbers of fans lining the road.

Sadly it is a statistical certainty that with enough people in a group, you will have a number of imbeciles shouting hatred for their own stupid reasons, and another group of vandals risking other peoples’ lives and livelihoods for whatever reason: ideology, dumb self gratification, whatever.

Upholstery tacks
Kiserlovski knows instantly it’s bad. Hit by Levi and sent to the floor, and all he was doing was slowing down to give Brajkovic a wheel.

It was shaping up to be a cool stage too: the break was doing what breaks do (I can’t believe Sagan dragged himself over the wall in touch with them all trying to drop him) and LL Sanchez eventually won himself the day with a very smart move a long way out from the finish line.

The cool bit was waiting to see what would be happening with the big shots having a go at each other on such a treacherous hill.

Sadly the end result was a stage very sportingly neutralised by Wiggo and Team Sky.


Tonight’s stage will be a sprint, and I reckon it’ll be Cav from Gossy from Greipel, and hopefully there will be no idiots taking it upon themselves to become part of the race.