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The Carnage Continues – TDF 2012 St 4


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The Carnage Continues… Andre Greipel, the big man with enough horsepower to be a chance at beating Cav in a straight sprint took the stage win today in the TDF 2012 St 4.

We, the fans unfortunately didn’t have the chance to see the two great men going head to head as they did on Stage 2 (one of the best sprints I’ve ever seen) as Cav was caught in a crash and hit the road a couple of km from the finish.

The Carnage Continues
He’s a hardy wee soul, Mark.

There have now been five days of racing, and the frantic finales continue.

There are enough blokes in the peloton with fresh legs, and enough blokes whose GC chances remain intact that the sprint finishes have twenty or thirty more riders fighting for the front of the peloton than would normally be the case.

There are more bodies, and more inexperienced blokes up there, as well as higher stakes than the normal pro-race, and so there are also inevitably more crashes.

Hopefully no one is too badly injured from them – I am flat as I’ve lost Rojas from my Fantasy Cycling team, and so am languishing further behind than normal. Or at least that’s my current excuse! The Carnage Continues…

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