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Hargroves Cycles sponsor Matrix Fitness-Prendas


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In what has been a hugely progressive winter for the Matrix Fitness — Prendas team where new partners have seen the potential of the all female squad, Hargroves Cycles have become the latest addition to the team’s list of sponsors.

Hargroves Cycles started in Southampton and now have a chain of shops in the South of England, and it was in Southampton that the partnership took shape. Commented Team Manager Stefan Wyman;

“I was in Southampton for several days with Vankru, and whilst there, I was invited to see friend, and shop owner Pete Hargroves. Pete is known for his huge backing of his own Hargroves Cycles Factory Team which is primarily a cyclo-cross team. It’s also fairly male orientated so I think this partnership shows just how committed to women’s cycling Pete is.”

This partnership will stretch beyond a standard partnership. Hargroves Cycles are backing the Garmin Sportive to be held at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Petersfield Hampshire on 19th May. The Matrix Fitness — Prendas team will also support the event with Proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. Said Hargroves, owner of Hargroves Cycles;

“There are also very clear two-way benefits with this partnership. We have our own Factory Team and this partnership has opened up opportunities for our riders to benefit from the structure and events of the Matrix team. This starts almost immediately with several of our team taking part in the Matrix training camp in the South of France.

“The women’s cycling scene is growing every year and we’ve been looking for the right way to get involved and see Matrix Fitness – Prendas as the perfect partner for us. Hopefully they can continue to grow this year and we’ll be part of something very special. With local rider Dani King very much in Olympic contention, I’m sure everyone in Southampton, and the UK, are going to be very focused on UK women’s cycling.”

The team starts the season in the UK with the Dave Peck Memorial race on 15th April, quickly followed by the Cheshire Classic on 22nd April. The team then moves to a mixed program of UK races and European classic events in preparation for the Johnson Health Tech GP series events.

Along with these events Dani King and Jo Rowsell are both taking part in the track World Championships in Australia, while Jessie Walker will be competing in Europe with the British Cycling Olympic Development Program.

Matrix Fitness-Prendas 2012 team line-up

  • Dani King
  • Hannah Rich
  • Penny Rowson
  • Annie Simpson
  • Hannah Walker
  • Jessie Walker
  • Sarah Reynolds
  • Joanna Rowsell