Saturday, April 20, 2024

A Great Result


Great Result
From this skinny lad would come a TdF stage winner.

Great Result. After all of my brash talk about Garmin’s cherry having been popped, and Tyler thus being assured of the win on Stage 3, it was so exciting to see the result this morning!

The race wasn’t quite the shootout I’d anticipated, but Garmin executed their final kilometres brilliantly, and if there ever was a deserving winner of a stage, it is Ty Farrar.

HTC pretty much blew their load prematurely, with Cav left alone and out of touch with the leaders with a little over 1km to go.

From this skinny lad in red, would come a TdF winner!

The end result was a brilliant one for Garmin, and after a million hours of calculation, the SBS fantasy league has finally provided results from the 1st 3 days of racing, with Cameron Memberey’s team Green Hedge Fund dominating.

Other performances of note are that in the relationship-off, Meg Prowd is beating Matty. Just want to know what their inter-couple bet is… Oh and I’m coming millionth or something.

In Velogames things are equally dire for me. I’m deeply in the hole behind those who have gone with sprinters… But bring on the hills! Early early days.