Thursday, July 25, 2024

Stats Catch Up


Stats Catch Up. Possibly the most boring blog post ever coming up. Since the Tour, I’ve been having a relatively quiet time, reboosting the energy reserves, and catching up with the boys who need treatment in Girona as and if they need. And now, on the eve of heading off to the Eneco Tour, I finally get myself into gear to post another blog entry. Quality.

Stats Catch
So to spice it up a little, here’s something you probably haven’t seen before – a DS (in this case, Whitey) needing a pizza midway through the last stage of the Tour!

This has been a little thing of mine throughout the year to stay atop of how many hotels, miles, and so on that I use in a season.

It’s an approximation as far as the distance travelled goes — it’s not that I don’t possess the technology to measure how far I drive (we are sponsored by Garmin after all), it’s more that I invariably forget to write down the distance at some point through the month. Then someone else takes that Garmin Nuvi out for a drive, and all the numbers are ruined, and I go into a little bit of an internal meltdown over it. So bear with me.

The stats, particularly the km driven, are only for transfers to – and from- races, as the between stages part is frankly too hard for me to cope with.

Tally at the end of July

  • Countries — 5 (2010 Total 9)
  • Hotel Days — 27 (118)
  • Hotels — 20 (61)
  • Flying km — 0 (29281)
  • Driving km — 1816 (13619)

Other than the above numbers of awesomeness, a few other things have gone down in the world of Garmin-Transitions: we have scored a top 10 in the Tour, then San Sebastian with Ryder Hesjedal; then followed this up with a victory for Irish prodigy Dan Martin at the Tour of Poland; and finally just today we saw Tyler Farrar back on top of the winner’s podium having won the Vatenfall Cyclassic for the second year in a row.

All of these results on their own are fantastic. Put them together to have all come from the one team, and couple them to the mysterious scoring system that is used to rank cycling teams on the UCI Pro Tour, and Garmin-Transitions has had a very good three weeks since the end of the Tour de France.

Stats Catch Up
Sports Director. Lionel Marie and me.

I am off to the Eneco Tour tomorrow (which is a week-long stage race through Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg), which will be good to get me back into the swing of things, and also to take my mind off my fiancee Mands being back in Aus.