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Joe Wilson – Scottish 12 Hour TT Champion


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Joe Wilson
Joe has had a great season.

It’s official, if you want to do a big mileage in a 12 hour time trial, forget the energy food, drinks and gels – macaroon bars are what you need. Joe Wilson (Sandy Wallace Cycles), who successfully defended his Scottish 12 title and narrowly missed breaking his own record for the event last Sunday, on the roads near Invergordon explains;

‘I was catching Carlos on that long leg out to Portmahomack, but I was feeling terrible, I had a macaroon bar and the bad patch passed quickly!’

Sadly, it was an Asda macaroon bar and not the authentic Lees item, if it had been, then maybe the record would have been his?

VeloVeritas didn’t make it to the 12 champs; we were busy sitting at Meadowbank watching the boards not-drying-out for the British madison

We rang Sandy Wallace Cycles on Tuesday morning to chat to Joe, but he was on his day-off (careful Sandy, he’ll want one every week).

Club sponsor and a former Scottish 12 hour champion himself, Sandy Wallace filled-in a bit of the background for us;

“Joe did 279 miles, missing his record of 2006 by less than a mile, he didn’t have a computer on, so he didn’t know how close to the record he was.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that if it had been a bit milder, then he would have broken his own record, it wasn’t a bad day, but it was cool. He rode the circuits at the end very fast, certainly at 23 minute ten speed.

“Carlos Riise (Shetland) was second with 268, Ian Black (Sandy Wallace) third with 262 and Steve Beech (Sandy Wallace) fourth with 249, we broke our own team record from 2006 with the same three riders as last time.

“I was riding, but had to climb-off after nine-and-a-quarter hours, it’s the first time that I haven’t finished a 12 but I’ve been having problems with my back. I’m not sure if Joe’s leading the BAR, but he can’t be far away, Carlos did a great ride in the 100, but that’s a mile per hour that Joe has put into him in the 12.’

We eventually caught up with Joe last Wednesday and fired the questions:

You must be disappointed at just missing the record?

“I didn’t expect to be so close to the record, it was very cold in the morning; I rode for a couple of hours in the morning with a track top on. I don’t know if I could have gone much further, I had Alan Dow looking after me and he was really egging me-on.

“I was trying harder than I have for a long time at the end, my last lap of the finish circuit was the fastest, so I’m not sure I could have done much more to get the record.”

What was the food for the day?

“Apart from the macaroon bars, I had cheese and ham rolls, cake bars and PSP energy bars and drinks.”

Does this take you top in the BAR?

“I’m not sure – I’ve not really been paying attention! I’m riding a 50 at Blairdrummond this weekend to try and improve at that distance.”

How were the legs on Monday morning?

“My knees were killing me, I live in Crombie and cycle to my work in Inverkeithing, there’s a little drag out of the village which I’d never noticed before, but it was sore on Monday. My hand was numb too, I think just from spending so-much time on the tri-bars. I’m feeling better today, though.”

How about the new job?

“This is only my second week, but I’m enjoying it; I’m in the workshop today working on a Planet X bike, we’re stockists now – nice bikes.”

Sandy has him well-trained already; “Remember to plug the new bikes!


1 Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles 279.057
2 Carlos Riise Shetland Wheelers 268.693
3 Ian Black Sandy Wallace Cycles 262.374

4 Steve Beech Sandy Wallace Cycles 249.348
5 Graham Jones Edinburgh RC Bicycle Wks 246.752
6 John Falconer Caithness CC 238.324
7 John Sturgeon Classic Walls 231.294
8 Al Sutton Elgin CC 224.485
9 Ivan Laughton Tri Changing Gear 216.440
10 Kenny Watson Deeside Th CC 213.100
11 Peter McLean Elgin CC 208.079
12 George Grant Forres CC 198.259

DNF Stephen Blom Glasgow Couriers
DNF Hamish Aitchison Forres CC
DNF Sandy Wallace Sandy Wallace Cycles
DNF Scott Taylor Deeside Th CC
DNF Robert McLean Angus Bike Chain
DNF George Hoseason Unknown
DNS Dave Millard Angus Bike Chain
DNS Tom Worthington Glasgow Nightingale
DNS Ewan Ritchie Angus Bike Chain
DNS Graeme Walsh Sandy Wallace Cycles
DNS Freddie Toms Elgin CC
DNS Bruce Bricknell Deeside Th CC

1st Ivan Laughton 303.817
2nd Kenny Watson 300.173
3rd Graham Jones 291.141

Championship Team
Sandy Wallace Cycles: Joe Wilson, Ian Black, Steve Beech – 790.779 miles (New Scottish Record)