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Paris – Roubaix 2007 – Day 1: Getting There


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My lift was late; the architect at the site meet was a pain, then the car broke down. It was therefore a stressed Ed who lurched onto the 12.30pm London express at Waverley on Thursday afternoon to rendez-vous with VeloVeritas Editor, Martin who had also come to the station straight from work, smart in a suit, shirt and tie. We’re off to cover the Paris – Roubaix 2007…

The train wasn’t too bad, we picked the right carriage – a couple of coaches down, two gentlemen were making a fist of an attempt on the record for how much Castlemaine 4X can be consumed between the two capital cities.

First lad: “Here, Bob… watch it – ah think that boy’s the polis.

Bob: “F**k um!”.

Paris - Roubaix 2007
We’re on photo duty this weekend too.

At Kings Cross we transfered to the tube, in my book, only moles should be below ground; our fellow tube travellers obviously felt the same – otherwise, how could so many people look so miserable?

Hatton Cross, there’s Dave and the Audi; Mr. Chapman is assisting Richard Rogers in building Heathrow Terminal 5, and is a former amateur Paris-Roubaix competitor, crossing swords with Marc Sergeant that day.

M25, M2, Dover, Ferry, Calais, all pretty grim but neccessary, the Coquelles Ibis hotel was just fine for three weary Scotsmen though.