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Jo Patterson – Ladies’ National 100 Mile Time Trial Record Breaker


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When I started cycling in 1971, the RTTC 100 mile time trial record for men was 3:46:47 set by Ant Taylor [Oldbury & District] in 1969 when he won the BBAR.

Taylor was very fast but his cycling career ended on that day in 1970 when the GB team he was part of for the Worlds TTT at Leicester finished nine minutes down on the Russian winners. 

In the CTT Ladies’ National 100 Mile Championship, Scottish based Jo Patterson went some 10 minutes faster than Taylor ever did, stopping the clock with 3:36:41 – remarkable!

Jo also won the title last year in 3:42:35, just 32 seconds shy of Alice Lethbridge’s competition record; but this year’s championship winning time means that she’s shaved five minutes plus from that record.

Congratulations, Jo – remind us about yourself, please.

“I’m 33 years-old, a GP in the Motherwell and Wishaw area, I’m originally from Northern Ireland but based here in Scotland.”

Last year your championship win was your first ‘100’; so this is just your second – but six minutes faster?

“Yes, just my second ‘100’ – last year I didn’t know what to expect but this year I knew that it’s a good distance for me.

“As far as the record goes, I knew that after last year there was the potential for it and after the first half of my ride I could see that it was possible.”

Jo Patterson
Jo Patterson excels at triathlon as well as long distance bike racing. Photo©supplied

Tell us about the course.

“It was in The Lakes, four laps of the 25 mile course on the Keswick-Cockermouth road, where John Archibald won the 25 championship but the weather was much better than when John did his ride – that was a horrible day.”

What was your pace strategy for the race?

“It’s something I’ve been devoting more time to recently, studying the course and where best to put the power down rather than just riding at a certain set level of watts.

“I’ve been using ‘Best Bike Split’ analytics with that in mind.”

Tell us about your hydration and nutrition.

“I started with two litres of carb drink in my Camelbak and some gels but actually only drank about 400 mil. 

“I think that contributed to my performance dropping off on the last lap, it’s something I have to address for the future.”

Jo Patterson
Jo Patterson has updated her Canyon a bit lately. Photo©supplied

Are you still on the same Canyon machine as last year?

“Yes, I’m still on the Canyon Speedmax; I’ve changed my position a little so that with just a small adjustment it’s UCI legal.

“I’ve gone up from a 58 to a 62 tooth chainring, it gives you a less extreme chain line much of the time but also the big ratio when required.

“I’m still on the same tubeless tyres as last year but they’re beginning to look a bit worn now!”

How much roadside support did you have?

“I’m lucky that way, my coach, John Dargie and his partner were there and so too was my best friend, she’s an athlete who I coach; so I had a good team with me.”

You’re with Wahoo Endurance Zone p/b Le Col now?

“Yes, they were originally an ‘e-racing’ team but are going to be doing more on the road now, the sponsorship is good with regards to equipment and nutrition.”

Jo Patterson
Jo Patterson

And you’re coached by John Dargie?

“Yes, we work well together, he coaches me, helps with my bikes and works on my racing planning and scheduling with me.

“I give him nightmares because I have such a busy schedule and have so many things on the agenda.

“I was a pacer in the ‘Sub 8’ triathlon project, then there was the ‘100’ and now I’m working towards the Commonwealth Games Time Trial – but I’m wanting to do an Ironman triathlon too.

“And all that has to fit in around my work!”  

Jo Patterson
Jo Patterson

I was thinking, that fast ‘100’ you did last year must have placed you well in the women’s Best British All Rounder Championship?

“I actually won the BBAR!

“I didn’t know much about it until I heard I was leading it, late last season; now I’m looking to get a fast ‘25’ to defend the title.”

[‘Back in the day’ we would have known exactly who won the women’s’ BBAR; the Cycling Weekly printed regular tables showing the leading contenders’ times but the current low popular interest in time trials is reflected by this week’s Cycling Weekly which carries zero reportage on the CTT National 100 Mile Time Trial Championship, just the top six men’s and women’s finishers, one small picture of the winner and no mention of who won the team prizes – changed days indeed. ed.]

What’s next on the agenda?

“I have the Commonwealth Games Time Trial coming up, I’ll be riding for Northern Ireland in that – no road race though.

“I’ll also be riding the National ‘10’ and I have an Ironman Triathlon in September – I’m looking to do a fast bike spilt in that.”

Jo Patterson
Jo Patterson Photo©supplied

How’s the Games preparation going?

“I’m actually going to down to Birmingham today with John Dargie to recce the course and get our strategy sorted on how to ride the course.”

We wish Jo well for The Games Time Trial and promise to keep a better eye on the BBAR results in 2022.

Featured image credit: ©Sean Rowe