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Tom Gordon – Medallist in the Scottish ’50’ Championship


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In the recent Scottish 50 Mile Time Trial Championships the names in first and second spots were ones we’ve spoken too many times on VeloVeritas – winner Silas Goldsworthy and silver medallist, Alan Thomson (both Sandy Wallace Cycles); but the bronze medallist, Tom Gordon of Dooleys was new to individual TT honours.

His team mate, Iain Grant – who was on Scottish 50 mile record pace until he was forced out with a puncture – emailed us to suggest we speak to Mr. Gordon.

Always happy to oblige a champion like Iain, here’s what Tom had to say to us recently – don’t worry, it’s not long and it’s not boring…

Tom Gordon
Thomas Gordon on his way to a medal. Photo©Martin Williamson

Tell us a little bit about yourself, please, Tom – age, how you got into cycling, what you do for a living…

“I’m 50, a joiner.

“I only got into cycling after breaking a few bones on the motorbike, I’ve probably only been competing properly since I joined Dooleys (previous to being a fat drunken bum) in 2008.

“I thought I’d better get my act together as everyone in Dooleys was either a current or previous Scottish champion.”

Is this your first medal – would you say it’s your best ride to date?

“I’ve won team medals but never individual – I suppose you could say it’s my best ride yet.”

Was it a personal best – if so, what was your previous best?

“Yes, 1:50:35 although I’ve only ridden two 50s before – it was a PB by five minutes.”

Did you expect a medal going in to the race?

“I was hoping to get a team medal, but not expecting to get a real coloured one!”

Tom Gordon
Tom in action during the Ali Speed Memorial 50. Photo©Martin Williamson

Tell us about the ride.

“It was good- although like all time trials, it felt s***e at the time.”

How was the course and weather?

“The weather was great – sunshine and no wind – right up my street, man!”

What gears did you ride?

“The biggest gears my wee puny legs could push (55×11) until my hernia popped out…”

What about nutrition during your ride?

“It was too short for my usual pork pie and Soreen loaf; some fizzy juice courtesy of Iain Grant.”

Do you have a coach?

“Surprisingly not, considering I have access to arguably the two best coaches in the country, namely Graeme Herd and Iain Grant.

“I’m not really into that hard training malarkey, so the boys just leave me alone.”

Training, is it power and all the ‘modern stuff’ or traditional approach?

“I’m definitely not what you’d call “traditional”, but everyone agrees that power would probably help me.

“I’m too miserable to spend that much cash on a power meter so the most modern aid I have is a Garmin; all I watch for is 30mph – that equals happy. Less mph than that and I’m not happy.

“I use heart rate to tell me if I’m going to have a heart attack.”

Tom Gordon
Tom on the same roads, but this time in the ’10’ Champs. Photo©Martin Williamson

Will we see you in the ‘100’?

“You will see me, but it won’t be pretty.”

What are your goals for the rest of 2014?

“Hopefully to go back to the Duo Normand with Nick Tryon and Iain Grant, to round off the season.

“After that, it’s carpet bowls.”