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The Clutha Vaults Tragedy


It’s easy to sigh and shake your head when you read or hear that a drone has yet again ‘zapped’ the wrong target out there in the Middle East – and easy to carry on with your day.

But when it’s on your door step, in a place you love, it’s altogether different.

I heard on the radio, early on the Saturday morning that a helicopter had crashed on to a pub, The Clutha Vaults, in Glasgow at 10:30 pm on Friday but didn’t catch the name of the bar.

‘That’s horrible’ I thought to myself and carried on editing our Yuriy Metlushenko interview.

Clutha Vaults
The Clutha Vaults.

A little later I wandered up to get the paper; when I saw the front pages lined up on the rack and the ‘Clutha Vaults’ sign in all the pictures, I gasped, out loud.

One of my favourite Glasgow bars, down near the Clyde near the Victoria and Scotia bars; with no trace of ‘style’ or yuppies – a proper bar.

I couldn’t help but think about the last time I was there, with Marlene, Audrey and Paul, sitting blethering in the far corner around one of the well worn mahogany tables.

What must it have been like sitting in that spot on Friday night when the roof collapsed under the weight of that helicopter?

On Saturday night he radio said there had been three fatalities but by Sunday morning that had risen to eight with the possibility that there may be more dead within the wreckage.

A tragedy – and so close to home.

On Monday morning, when the boss and/or clients are doing your head in or that idiot in the hot hatch is tail gating you – just remember that you could have been in the Clutha Vaults on Friday night, I will.

VeloVeritas extends deepest sympathies to all who lost friends or family on Friday night.