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Adam Hansen Blog – From Sun to Snow


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Adam Hansen BlogDear VeloVeritas Readers, sorry for the radio silence recently – I went off-grid a little, needed it after the Tour Down Under, and caught up with the family in Australia.

After the TDU I headed from a sunny Adelaide to rainy Cairns before leaving for my home in the Czech Republic – the place to be.

It was quite a journey to get home… Cairns to Darwin, Darwin to Singapore, Singapore to Paris, Paris to Prague and Prague to Ostrava, then a short drive to Frydlant nad Ostravici.

You dont get sunburnt – or soaking wet – from training rides here, in fact it hasn’t rained here for a long time… they have something different here… SNOW!

Adam Hansen Blog
My last look at Cairns for a while.

I think I had three or four days in Cairns where I didn’t get wet from the rain on my lovely rides along the coast.

Being back home is always a nice change, it’s just totally different to the places where I go; Western Europe is one thing, Australia is close in some ways, but different, and Eastern Europe is just something totally different – from another planet.

I had to hit the mountains the first day I was back!

Adam Hansen Blog
I took some long walks in the snow, to keep ticking over.

Perfect weather, a bit chilly, but a T-shirt was enoughfor me on my travels to Santa’s home, picking up my Christmas present… well, it felt like I was close to his house anyways.

Adam Hansen Blog
The top of Lysa – everyone says it’s the weather station, but I still believe it’s santa’s home.

It’s always nice to be home.

Next week I’m off to the Team Presentations of the Lotto outfit and the Belgian lads.

Two days there with a performance test on the first day. I have to work out my new training zones for my SRM too, so I’ll keep you all posted with how that goes.

Catch ja…

Adam Hansen Blog