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Jack Bauer – Aiming for the Commonwealth Games


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Tour Doon Hame final stage winner, Endura’s New Zealand National Elite Road Champion, Jack Bauer took time, just a few hours after his win, to tell VeloVeritas how it was done.

Jack Bauer
Jack shows how light his Look bike was at Endura, Tour of Murcia.

Nice ride, Jack – but how are you getting on with the Scottish weather?

“I have to say that I didn’t really enjoy it today!

“But Sunday was good and hopefully, as the summer rolls round, it’ll get better.”

Was the move today pre-planned?

“No, I went somewhere between the two King of the Mountains.

“I attacked to put Rapha under pressure, the plan was to do that so maybe Wilko could get the jersey in the finale. I was with a couple of other guys initially but they whittled away and I was on my own 40 or 50 seconds up.

“Man, when they let me go, I thought; “I can pick up a time bonus on the road and one for the win, maybe I can win overall.”

No victory salute.

“No, I was driving those pedals all the way to the line, I could see the chasers coming and knew I needed those 12-14 seconds – a salute would have been nice but I needed the time!”

Jack Bauer
No time to lose: Jack needed those precious seconds.

Sigma helped Rapha chase, we heard?

“Yeah, I heard that, Simon Richardson helped them – I don’t know the fella or why he did that.

“It’s a pity, we had Rapha on the ropes, there was just Newton (eventual winner) and House left.”

What do you think of the standard of racing in the UK?

“It’s impressive; Rapha, Motor Point, Sigma are all well organised.

“If these teams are committed to controlling it so it ends in a sprint, it’s very hard to sneak away, that’s why, when I saw the chance today, I took it.”


“I was surprised by the road conditions, the potholes and ruts – it was dodgy.

“You had to pay attention all the time; our team blew a lot of tyres.

“But I guess it’s a new race and they have to try the routes out.”

Did you steer clear of the crashes.

“Yeah, and just one puncture, on stage one.”

Jack Bauer
DS Garry Beckett and Jack head for another podium presentation.

You lost Alex Blain.

“Sure. After a he had a shocker of a crash, the officials saw something they didn’t like and he was out.

“It’s a real pity, we missed his knowledge and raw power, today.”

What did you think of the spectator turn out?

“I thought there would be more, but I don’t know what’s normal in Scotland – I don’t know if it’s a ‘followed’ sport.”

How was the organisation?

“There were was a key blunder when they were announcing the podium, I was second on GC but the called someone else to the podium for second.

“I was disappointed with that for my first Scottish race.”

Where’s ‘home’ in the UK?

“Manchester, Fallowfield, it’s a British Cycling apartment which I share with my team mate, Jason Christie; another team mate, Rob Partridge is close by and Rob Hayles isn’t so far away.

“The two Robs know the quick ways out of the city and the good lanes to train on.”

Is that NZ champ’s jersey getting lots of attention?

“It definitely did in Murcia and in France; it’s very recognisable and gets me lots of attention, people know what it is.”

Jack Bauer
Jack enjoys the spoils as stage winner.


“I had a great time; suddenly I was in a race with these huge names that I’ve read about in the magazines.”

You showed great promise in the time trial at Murcia.

“It was my first one; although I tend to ride my road races in that style – I get as aero as I can, once I’m on my own and blast away in a big gear.

“I figured that the TT bike, aero helmet and disc wheel would all be good – and they were.

“It’s something I’ll work on but I think I just have the natural strength to be good at it.”

Jack Bauer
Nearly finished, Murcia TT.

Are the Commonwealth Games important to you?

“Definitely, they’re my big goal; it’ll be a dream come true if I get selected.

“I have to prove myself to the selectors though; but I’m aiming to be there.”

Next races?

“I think it’s the Glade CC road race, down south, next weekend.

“Then it’s Finisterre and the Tro Bro Leon in France.”

Jack Bauer
Jack doesn’t really mind the Scottish weather.

How about the UK?

“It’s a bit cold and wet – I haven’t seen the sun since I got here! But I hope it picks up in May and June.

“But I do like the Postman Pat mail vans and the old style taxi cabs – they’re cool!”

We’ll be talking Jack after the Tro Bro Leon – a race that’s made for him and Alex Blain; bon chance, mes amis!

Images © Ed Hood / Endura Racing