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The VV View: Rupert Murdoch, Listen to the Money Talking


AC/DC got it right; “Come on, come on, listen to the money talking.” It looks like VeloVeritas’ hot tip on ‘Bert bolts to Garmin; Brad flies to Sky,’ has unwound. Sky’s ‘capo,’ Rupert Murdoch has deep pockets, but at some stage he has to say- and following on from the musical intro – just like Donna and Babs did; “enough is enough, is enough!”

La Gazzetta dello Sport headlines today, 10th November; “Contad(oro) venti milioni per 4 anni!”

Yes, Bert is on five million euros for four years with our chums from Kazakhstan.

Rupert Murdoch may have a media empire that Citizen Kane could only have dreamed about; but he’s not sitting on top of a fair chunk of the world’s fossil fuel reserves.

Whilst boys like me get all excited about the deal, what’s Bert doing ?

He’s swimming in Curacao – I like the man’s style!

Rupert Murdoch
Bert looks none too happy with the attentions of the dolphin! Tom doesn’t appear to mind though.

The Gazzetta also tells us – really or guestimation – what the other main men are paid (in euros; more-or-less the same as Sterling).

  • Lance: 10 million (including endorsements)
  • Valverde: 2.3 million (but he can’t spend any of that in Italy, still)
  • Gilbert: 2 million
  • Evans: 1.7 million
  • Pozzato: 1 milione
  • Cunego: 800,000
Rupert Murdoch
Ercole Baldini.

The last I heard, Boonen was on seven figures, and so is Cav.

[If you bump into me, ask me about Cav’s 800 grand barn conversion in the Isle of Man. Just that we’re a tad jumpy about those defamation laws, here at VR!]

It’s all a long way from the £10,000/annum which we were talking about recently as a realistic minimum wage for a British pro.

Interestingly, they reckon that Ercole Baldini was being paid more that Eddy Merckx was, a decade before the Belgian re-wrote the record books.

Oh, and the Gazzetta adds that Bert’s horoscope is good – “the stars are aligned and sex will be good!”

That man has it all!

Ciao, ciao.