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From Ireland to Peebles via Spain


B&Q car park, Livingston; got me diet Coke and tuna roll, time to settle down and read about Russell Downing’s great win in Ireland. I scan The Guardian´s sport section three times – no dice.

Peebles via Spain
Al recce´s Stage 15 of the Vuelta.

But we do get one sentence in On the web – ‘Lance Armstrong was among 56 riders to withdraw from the Tour of Ireland’s rain-hit final stage.’

Poor old Lance; and good to see that cycling has really entered the mainstream of sports coverage.

Speaking of Ireland, I did a daily ‘diary’ with Aldo Ilesic (Slovenia & Type 1) – he’s a criterium star in the States but his Tour of Ireland adhered to the advice Curly Macaulay once gave the Scotland team; “hing oan as long as ye kin; ’til ye get the mallet!

A cool guy though and a good rider with Giro delle Regione and Olympia Tour stage wins to his credit.

The continental guys always make me feel like an ignoramus – with my school boy French – their English is better than mine.

* * *

VeloResult’s man on the Iberian Peninsula, Al Hamilton has been a busy boy, recce-ing the ‘Queen stage’ of the Vuelta – we have exclusive pics of him on the hot roads of Alicante.

Al will be keeping us abreast of events as they unfold in the last Grand Tour of the season.

* * *

And now, I must don my trilby and tie my cravat as the VeloVeritas gossip correspondent.

Saturday saw the social event of the Borders summer with the marriage of our editor Martin, to the lovely Gillian.

Peebles hosted this star studded affair, with Commonwealth and former world track champion Craig Maclean present, not to mention multiple British track medallist Peter Jacques, and former Mallorquin MTB Downhill Champ Toni Coll.

Gillian looked stunning, whilst Martin looked, well, drunk.

Peebles via Spain
The hills of Glentress are a little different to what Toni is used to.

A great night, albeit the band made Ted Nugent – who used to have the title of ‘worlds loudest rock star’ – seem like an amateur.

Never have so many good songs been so mercilessly butchered; but enough already, I’m ranting, now!  [Unfair Ed, that band cost a fortune, and we thought they were good! Martin]

A wonderful start to Martin and Gillian’s life together – there’s not really much need to wish them “all the best,” they’re probably the happiest I’ve ever seen a couple at their wedding and destined for a long and happy life together.