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The VV View: Beaten by a Late Goal


Beaten by a Late Goal… I was at the football last night, I took my son to see Dunfermline v. Queen of the South.

Beaten by a Late Goal
The Scotsman’s coverage.

At half time, the old guy next to us said of a one-nil down Dunfermline; “difficult to see where the goals are going to come from.”

Very astute, sir.

I guess there’s a lot of tradition in the game and when you have a Beckham or Zidane at their best, it can be special, but at this level it’s pretty dire.

Beaten by a Late Goal
It’s not everyday, right enough. (The Herald)

Still, The Pars run out to The Skids’ “Into the Valley” and they played Donna Summer on the PA at half time.

Dunfermline did equalise, but Queen of the South hammered in a late winner.

We Pars fans left in silence, my son was philosophical in defeat;

“We got beat with a late goal last week too!”

Lance is on the front page of the Scotsman and Herald, today.

Love him or hate him, there’s no more famous cyclist – or maybe even athlete – in the world than Lance.

I’m not his biggest fan, but that was a cool stunt he pulled – no prizes for guessing the number one topic of conversation on Glasgow clubby runs, this Sunday.