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Ian Black – New Scottish 100 Mile TT Champion


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VeloVeritas missed the 100 Champs again — we’re not men enough to disappear to the Tour for two weekends then vanish to Invergordon at 04:00 the first Sunday we’re back. We thought it would just be a case of ringing Jim Cusick in a Highland Hostelry somewhere to discuss his win — but Ian Black (Sandy Wallace Cycles) had other ideas.

We spoke to 46 year-old Forres joiner Ian, as he prepared to head off on a well deserved holiday on Monday morning.

Ian Black
Ian Black enjoys the longer distances.

Congratulations Ian; is this your first championship win?

“It’s my first time trial championship win but I won a grass track title back in ’81 or ’82 at Bridge of Allan.

“I’ve won around 20 Scottish medals since I came back; 100 and 12 team championships and records with Sandy Wallace, plus I’ve had bronzes as an individual.”

When and why did you leave the sport, originally?

“I was 25 and it was due to work commitments, we had a family business and I just couldn’t fit racing in any more; although I kept training for a few years.”

And the comeback?

“I was 39; I’d missed it and felt it was time to come back. I thought maybe I was too old to race, but I put in a winter and came back as a vet at 40.”

Was the Cromarty Firth in a good mood on Sunday morning?

“It was windy, with a head wind from Nigg down to the turn at Ardluie, and there was a 20 minute spell where it rained.

“I tried to ride consistently, my two 50 times were very close; for the first half, I kept the gears down and a little, then went for it in the second half — that was really where I felt the race started for me.

“I felt good, on top of the job.”

Ian Black
We might see Ian on the track at the Masters in the future.

Was the 100 a specific target?

“Definitely, that and the 50 — but I was disappointed with my ride in the 50 (7th).

“I put in a good run of training after the 50 then tapered into the 100 and it all came right.”

It was close with Carlos.

“I won by four seconds, but didn’t realise how close it was; I know how Carlos rides, he starts steady then builds it up to a strong finish.

“I tried to do the same; I knew I was down on him at half distance but I also knew that I had ridden a strong second half.”

What do you do for food and drink in the 100?

“I don’t eat, I have ‘Winter Formula’ in my Camel Bak and Hi-5 in my bottle, plus I have a couple of gels.”

Any awkward moments?

“I unshipped my chain coming through Invergordon, with two miles to go, but fortunately, I managed to get it back on without having to get off the bike.”

Was it the usual big gears?

“I kept the gears down for the first leg into the wind — 57 x 14 then 57 x 12 and 13 on the second headwind leg; it was the 12 with the wind. I’m too old to pedal quickly!”

How do you train?

“I like to train on the road, but I do one night per week on the turbo, on the time trial bike, short efforts, very hard with a low cadence.

“On the road, I’m lucky because there are lots of good hilly circuits near where I live; I’ll do one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hour sessions after work.

“I’ll keep the cadence up on the flat but over gear on the climbs — hard efforts. It’s a guy called Kevin Humphries who does my programmes for me — four weeks at a time.”

Ian Black
Good training and a proper taper worked well for Ian.

You’re 46, where are all the young guys in time trials?

“It’s a worry, Carlos is 44 and so is Jim Cusick — when I raced back in the 80’s there were big fields and a lot of young guys testing.

“Now, apart from Michael Nicholson — but he’s really a road rider — there’s no one coming through. It’s all older guys now who are doing the times.”

What now?

“I’m off on holiday with the family for a week — no bike. I’m not sure if we’ll have a Sandy Wallace team in the TTT and the there’s no 12 this year — so I won’t be riding that!”

How many more seasons?

“As long as I keep enjoying it — we have a great bunch of guys in Sandy Wallace and I really enjoy it.

“I’d maybe like to try the masters on the track, but that’s for the future.

“I’ll keep testing — especially the longer distances — as long as I enjoy it.”

With thanks and congratulations to Ian — and VeloVeritas will be at the Scottish Road Race Champs!


1. Ian Black (Sandy Wallace Cycles) V 3:56:06 + 71:27
2. Carlos Riise (Shetland Wheelers) V 3:56:10 + 66:46
3. Matthew Howitt (Yorkshire Road Club) S 4:01:36
4. Jim Cusick (Glasgow Couriers) V 4:02:20 + 60:36
5. Raymond Johnston (Glasgow Couriers) V 4:05:31 + 62:02
6. David Millar (Glasgow Couriers) V 4:07:25 + 101:34
7. Stephen Blom (Glasgow Couriers) S 4:07:26
8. Andrew Rowat (Musselburgh RCC) V 4:20:30 + 35:44
9. Ian Condie (Dunfermline CC) V 4:20:59 + 70:19
10. Kenny Philpot (Elgin CC) V 4:24:49 + 38:07
11. Chris Adamson (Musselburgh RCC) V 4:26:56 + 40:37
12. Gavin Shirley (Nevis Cycles RT) S 4:27:09
13. Bud Johnston (Glasgow Couriers) V 4:28:04 + 48:45
14. Christine Mclean (Shetland Wheelers) FV 4:28:33 + 62:45
15. Sarah Gleave (Glasgow Nightingale) FV 4:35:39 + 50:45
16. Roger Sewell (Ross-shire Rds CC) V 4:42:20 + 64:03
17. Fiona Duncan (Sandy Wallace Cycles) F 4:43:39
18. Andy Duncan (Ythan CC) S 4:44:36
19. Tom Bishop (Dunfermline CC) V 4:45:09 + 20:06
20. Iain Cruickshank (Elgin CC) V 4:46:29 + 30:20
21. Alasdair Washington (Caithness CC) V 4:50:26 + 82:36
22. David Smith (Andover Wheelers) S 4:54:40
23. Al Sutton (Elgin CC) V 4:58:19 + 37:58
24. Kevin Moir (Ross-shire Rds CC) S 5:01:13
25. Erni Hamilton (Perth United) FV 5:01:42 + 22:15
26. Lorna Stanger (Caithness CC) F 5:08:13
27. Peter McLean (Elgin CC) V 5:10:37 + 13:20
28. George Grant (Forres CC) V 5:44:06 + 4:53
29. Dave Kirton (Kennoway RC) V 6:08:49 – 65:53

Mens Team
Glasgow Couriers 12 hrs 15 min 16 secs:
(Jim Cusick, Raymond Johnstone, David Millar)

Peter Robertson (Forres CC) V
Stewart Mitchell (Deeside Thistle) V
Anda-Jay Burgess (Sandy Wallace Cycles) F
Steve Nutley Fife (Cycling 2000) V
Chris Whittle (Deeside Thistle) S
David Stuart (Cromarty Firth) CC S
Hamish Aitchison (Forres CC) V
Grant Smith (Dunfermline CC) V
Ken Thomson (Dunfermline CC) V
Steve Beech (Sandy Wallace Cycles) V

David Morrill (Caithness CC) V
Shelley Farrar (Deeside Thistle) FV
Ian Wilson (Deeside Thistle) V
Graham Jones (Edinburgh RC) V
Mark Atkinson (Sandy Wallace Cycles) S
Colin Sim (Deeside Thistle) V