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Jim Cusick – The New Scottish 100 Mile TT Champion


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Cheers Ed! In pub at Evanton and had a few. Brought up touring bikes and off to Ullapool then Hebrides for a week. Reception poor but give it a try...”. That was Jim Cusick’s (Glasgow Couriers) reply to our congratulatory text message and interview request after he had just won his first 100 mile title on the familiar roads (if you’re involved in Scottish testing) around the Cromarty Firth.

VeloVeritas didn’t make it to the 100; ten days at le Tour; back for four days then off to Hawick on Saturday for a full shift at the road race champs — Cromarty would have been pushing Marlene’s angelic patience beyond the pale.

But the wonders of modern technology enable us to bring you Jim’s words; all the way from a colourful sounding pub in Evanton (maybe we should start doing our interviews in hostelries?)

Jim Cusick
Looking relaxed and comfy.

Your first 100 title, Jim?

“Yes, I took silver, a few years ago, but it wasn’t a great field. This time I beat Carlos (multi 100 champ, Riise) by 10 seconds. It was strange, because we both rode in the exact opposite style to how we usually do.

Carlos usually starts conservatively and often his second 50 is faster than his first; but today he took off from the start and was 80 seconds up on me at half distance, I thought he was going for the Scottish record.

Usually I start fast then tend to ‘blow,’ but at 75 miles I felt good; I was able to eat, which I can’t usually and I really gave it my best over the last 25 miles.

I just came back at him and I had it back to two seconds at five miles; as soon as I crossed the line, Carlos came over, congratulated me and told me I’d won by 10 seconds: 3-54-41 to 3-54-51. Joe Wilson (Sandy Wallace) was third, but he was back on a 3-57-odd.”


“It was a good morning, warm with just a drift from the south west — definitely good conditions.”

Jim Cusick
That’s a good aero position for long distances.

Was the 100 a big target?

“Not really, I’m off for a week’s touring now and thought I might as well ride it because I was here. I stay with my friends, the Longbottom family when I’m in the North, and get well looked after, so it’s always a pleasure to be up here, but no, I wasn’t targeting it at all.”

I believe the team slipped away?

“Davie Millar rode a stormer, a 4-06, but Stevie Blom had a lot of trouble with cramp — he was actually off the bike. If Stevie had done the ride he was capable of, then I think we’d have got it; as it was, Sandy Wallace won it. Ian Black did a 4-01 today, but I think he was expecting better.”

And the ’12?’

“Definitely not, not after the state I was in after I rode my last one — I think they are so hard on you that they most shorten your life!”

What’s the programme for the next few weeks?

“I’m riding the Ian Longbottom Memorial 25 up here, next weekend and then it’s the TTT at Forfar. But first I have my week of touring — and by the way, I’m still grinning like a Cheshire cat!”

He deserved to!

With many thanks to Jim for taking the time to talk to VeloVeritas, when there were much better alternatives on offer.

Happy that’s over!


1 Jim Cusick Glasgow Couriers/Bennett DevV 3 54 41
2 Carlos Riise Shetland Wheelers V 3 54 51
3Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles S 3 57 51
4 Peter Alexander Moray Firth CC S 4 00 42
5 Ian Black Sandy Wallace Cycles V 4 01 47
6 David Millar Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev V 4 06 07
7 Kenny Kentley Velo Ecosse V 4 08 35
8 James Hall Sandy Wallace Cycles V 4 15 21
9 Chris Adamson Musselburgh Roads V 4 16 56
10 Steve Beech Sandy Wallace Cycles V 4 18 41
11 Stephen Blom Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev S 4 21 57
12 Christine McLean Shetland Wheelers FV4 23 10
(Scottish Female Vets record)
13 John Sturgeon Classic Walls CRT V 4 25 25
14 Fiona Duncan Ythan CC F 4 32 13
15 John Gordon Glas Couriers/Bennett Dev V 4 40 47
16 Ian Sinclair Deeside Thistle V 4 45 39
17 Alasdair Washington Caithness CC V 4 46 19
18 Derek Stewart Deeside Thistle V 4 52 20
19 Ivan Laughton Deeside Thistle V 4 54 04
20 Hector Nicolson Moray Firth CC V 4 56 51
21 Stewart Mitchell Dundee Wheelers CC V 5 03 02
22 Peter McLean Elgin CC V 5 13 22
23 Bobby Gilmour Glasgow Nightingale Cc S 5 16 02
24 George Grant Forres CC V 5 24 20

Alex Hay Glas Couriers/Bennett Dev V DNF
Barry Duncan Edinburgh RC V DNF
Colin Sim Deeside Thistle V DNF
Al Sutton Elgin CC V DNF
Craig McGowan Law Wheelers S DNF
Norman Skene Granite City RC V DNF

Sandy Wallace Cycles Wilson, Black, Hall 12 14 59